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Fennel & No More Grazing Blend

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Fennel 10ml  & No More Grazing Blend 10ml

These essential oils are may be helpful to control appetite when you are prone to 'graze' or 'snack' between meals.   See below for more suggestions

 This deal gets you 1 each of both bottles.

Fennel Essential Oil
Foeniculum vulgare

Country of origin: France
Part used: Seed
Processed: Steam Distilled
Smell: sweet anise (licorice-like), peppery scent
Color: colorless to pale yellow
Note: Top to Middle note
Shelf Life: up to 24 months

Blends with: geranium, lavender, rose, sandalwood, dill (to help with appetite)

 Maybe helpful for a variety of ailments including but not limited to: digestive, gas, nausea, menstrual, upper respiratory conditions.


- Safe when properly diluted and used at 2% or less in non-sensitized individuals.
- Use in moderation as sensitivities have been reported with excess use when applied the skin or mucous membranes.


"No More Grazing!"™  Essential oil Blend

A blend of: bergamot, grapefruit, fennel, patchouli, sandalwood, ylang ylang 

So here you are wandering around the kitchen - STOP IT - you are grazing!!

Grazing for something that you probably don't need to eat anyway!

Instead, take a whiff or two of this wonderful blend. I know it smells so good, but within a few moments you cravings will disappear.

Instead, you will feel calm and serene inside. Now you can go back to the task at hand with your hunger pangs behind you. Oh and get out of the Kitchen!!

Suggested use:
The best way to use this blend is to put several drops in a Personal inhaler. Carry it in your pocket or purse and you can discreetly take a whiff or if the cravings are strong several deep inhalations should do the trick.

This oil is for use in any diffuser, inhaler or jewelry.

Do not apply to the skin if sun exposure is possible due to the citrus oils in this blend.


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