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Grapefruit 10 ml & Spearmint 10ml

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Grapefruit 10ml & Spearmint 10ml

This deal gets you both. 

More Info:

I love these two essential oils for a quick pickme up!    Smell separately or blend together for a unique Citrus/mint blend reminescent of a Favorite Childhood chewing gum -

Energizing - add these together and get a much needed boost for several hours! 

(Citrus paradisi)

Country of origin: USA
Part used: Peel
Cold Pressed


(Mentha spicata)

Country of origin: USA
Part used: Flower, leaf
Steam Distilled

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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Evie J, 04/10/2018

My grandkids love these two oils blended, and it helps me to more housework  done without additional push back to get them to do their share. 

The wonderful scents and grandma saying if you are not doing chores go to another room always gets the to participate since they don’t want to leave the room I have the defuser in

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