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Peppermint EO & Back Rub Massage Blend

Back Rub Massage Blend and Peppermint EO
Back Rub Massage Blend and Peppermint EO
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Peppermint 10 ml and Back Rub Massage Blend 2 fl oz

This Combo deal gets you 1 each of both bottles

More Info

Peppermint, Super
(Mentha piperita)

Country of origin: USA
Part used: Leaf, flower
Steam Distilled

This is a premium peppermint essential oil.    The smell is a most  'candy-like' peppermint oil.

Among professional aromatherapist and massage therapist they have commented to us that this Peppermint is the best they have every used. 

We agree.  It is by far one of our most favorite essential oils.  Not only best because of it's wonderful smell, but because we know that it has been more helpful when used in therapeutic applications than when folks have used other sourced peppermint oils.

Back Rub


Black pepper, marjoram, juniper berry, ginger in a blend of  MCT oil and Jojoba.

This is a 2.5% blend of essential oils in the carrier oils.

This blend can be used to massage your back, shoulders, neck, hips and more!

This blend of oils is wonderful to help relieve tension in all your muscles while having a very calming effect.


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