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Deluxe and Stylish Personal Nasal Inhalers

They are very elegant, smooth and very portable. The warmth of your hand activates the scent anytime and anywhere. The tube slips easily into any pocket or purse. Men and women alike can easily carry one and of course, they should!

The removable bottle style come in beautiful colors - Sky Blue, Red and Gold. Easily change bottle inside to use different essential oils when you would like a different scent. Simply un-assemble the cap and the bottle and add essential oils to bottle and reassemble.

The sealed style currently is available in three colors -The three Colors are  Pewter, Black and Light Silver

The Deluxe Sealed Style inhaler, you simply add your favorite essential oils to the inhaler using the included pipette.    These inhalers - do not come apart - only the top cover is removable - you will add essential oils to the inhaler using the pipette through the holes in the top of the sealed base.


New Design Deluxe Inhaler
Deluxe Inhaler with Removable Bottle

Beautiful Deluxe Inhalers

Starting At $9.99
Deluxe Inhalers
Inhaler with Removable Bottle

Sleek, stylish

Starting At $9.99
Sealed Inhalers
Inhaler Sealed style

Sleek, stylish
Sealed Style
Several Colors to Choose!

Starting At $8.69