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  Diffusers for use in Aromatherapy 
Diffusing Essential oils is easy with these products

To get the most from your Essential Oils a Diffuser is used to help disperse the molecules into the air.

This enables the body to use them as you breathe in the wonderful aromas.

We offer Several types of Diffusers.  Please browse each major Category. 

Each Category will have several diffusers available.

If you need help in learning which Diffuser may be best for you Please Click Here to take you to an Article(s) to help you decide what might best meet your needs. This page will also help you learn how much essential oils to use too!

To READ about all the Benefits of using an Oil and Tart Warmer diffuser See the article here

Spa Scenter Fan Diffuser Spa Scenter Fan Diffuser

Fan Diffusers

Fan Diffusers

These are the most Popular method of diffusing essential oils

Terra Cotta Disc Diffusers

Terra Cotta Disc

Enjoy our Passive Diffusers

Over 50 Designs to choose

 These make Great little gifts

Oil and Tart Warmers

Oil & Tart Warmers, Electric Diffusers

Electric Oil & Tart Warmers

OVER 48 different Style & Designs!

Marble design Aroma Mist Diffuser Marble design Aroma Mist Diffuser
Purple PIug in burner

Electrical Lighting Oil & Tart Warmers

Elegant, Practical & Functional
Aromatherapy can be all these.

22 Styles & Designs!

Lapel Dots Lapel Dots

Lapel Dots & Pods

Easy to use small diffusers.

Scentball Diffuser

Scent Balls and Plug-ins

Scent Balls & Similar Plug-in Style Diffusers

These are VERY easy to use.

Tea light Diffusers

Make Great Gifts!

OVER 26 different Styles & Designs

Car Scenter Diffuser

Car Diffusers

Aromatherapy for your Car

E-warmer Oil Warmer
E warm oil warmer

Simple to create a relaxing atmosphere

Was: $39.99
Now: $29.99
Lily Fan Diffuser
Lily Fan Diffuser

Perfect by your bed or for travel

Mio fan Diffuser
Mio Fan Diffuser


Was: $19.99
Now: $16.99
Scentball diffuser
Scentball diffuser

The Easiest Plug-in
Scent maker
Order One or a dozen!

Aroma Pearl
Aroma Pearl

Awesome diffuser - Battery or Electric!

Lapel Dots Package
Aromatherapy Lapel Dots

The Lapel dots TM are a unique way to use essential oils and aromatherapy that is very personal.

Car Scenter Diffuser
Car Scenter diffuser

The Easiest Car Diffuser

Lattice Air Fan Diffuser Light on
Lattice Air Fan Diffuser

NEW - Beautiful and Elegant

New Car Scent Diffuser
GA Car Scenter diffuser

 Wonderful New design for a Car Diffuser

Pads shown along with the Car Scent Diffuser
GA Car Scenter Replacement Pads

Replacement pads for the GA Car Scent Diffuser

Lattice Replacement Pads
Lattice Replacement Pads

Lattice Fan Diffuser Replacement Pads

Package of 5

Replacement Pads for GreenAir Plug-in
Replacement Pads for GreenAir Plug-in

Replacement Pads
Green Air Plug-in Diffuser

Package of 5

Replacement Pads for Lily & Orbit
Replacement Pads for Lily & Orbit

Replacement Pads
Lily & Orbit Fan Diffusers

Package of 5

Square Plug-in Diffuser Replacement Pads
Replacement Pads for Square Plug-in

Replacement Pads
Square Plug-in Diffuser

Package of 3

Tru Melange Replacement pads
Tru Melange Replacement Pads

Tru Melange
 Replacement Pads

Package of 5