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Green Space Plug-in diffuser

Green Space Plugin Diffuser
Green Space Plugin Diffuser
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Green Space Aromatherapy Plug-in diffuser
(BPA Free)

This is one of the simplest diffusers to use.   

Simply remove the cover, apply 10-15 drops of essential oil on the fabric pad.

Replace cover, plug in any suitable wall out in the upright position and turn on by using the slide button switch!   

This Plug in diffuser has a light that turns on when the unit is 'working'.  Just a small amount of light which makes it useful as a bathroom or other room or hallway 'night' light.

Remember to turn off and unplug when not in use.  But why don't you want to use it all the time?  

We've been using one in our bathroom and love it!  Just the right amount of scenting and provides us with a little light at night so we don't have to turn on the main light switch.   

It is best used in smaller locations of 200 sq ft or less.

Plugs into wall outlet. Requires a 110-120 Volt Electrical outlet.  Uses 3 watts.

These are great to use as you get to pick the scents you want to diffuse and can change or mix and match as you please.

 Comes with 3 fabric pads

Don't forget to pack this in your suitcase as you travel for business or pleasure!

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Cathy H, 05/10/2018

I use this in our church building, as I have bought four of them for a 800 square foot building.
Absolutely love that I can change the sent of essential oils.....
Love, Love these plug-in diffusers❤❤❤❤