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Aromatherapy Lapel Dots TM &
Personal Aromatherapy Pod Diffusers

Both of these are unique ways to use essential oils and aromatherapy that is very personal, cost effective and efficient.     

The Aromatherapy Lapel Dots keep the scent of essential oils are very near to you.
Only you will most likely be able to smell the essential oils that are placed on the 'dots'. 
These are perfect for Clinical settings in hospitals, nursing care facilities and other institutions including schools and class rooms.

Sold in Packages of 10 'dots' with a fine tipped pipette included.

The Aromatherapy Pods (currently unavailable - we are hoping to have more soon, but due to Covid, shipping internationally has been delayed) 

These little pods can diffuse more scent in a small space without the use of electricity.

They are perfect for places where electricity or candles would not be appropriate.

Near the bed, desk or in your car.  How about the closet, near the garbage bins, in the bathroom?

Think of all the places you might want to scent a little and the Aromatherapy Pod will be a handy device to use.

Scentball & Car Scenter Pads
Replacement Pads

Replacement Pads
for Scent Balls,
Car Scenters

Package of 5

Lapel Dots Package
Aromatherapy Lapel Dots

The Lapel dots TM are a unique way to use essential oils and aromatherapy that is very personal.