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Personal Pod Diffuser

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Personal Aromatherapy Pod Diffusers

Package of 3 - in your choice of all white or all lavender

 An easy and fun way to use essential oils and aromatherapy.

These little aromatherapy diffusers are 1 1/2" in diameter and about 3/4" thick.  When hanging the loop and pod are about 3" long.

Sold in Packages of 3 pods, each with one scenting pad and an additional package of 5 more replacement pads.


This method of diffusing is great when you want to use essential oils in your own personal space for a 3-4 hour (or longer) period of time.  This method can be used so you will not be bothering others around you with other types of diffusers.

Simply apply by peeling off the protective backing from the ‘sticky’ side of the POD and stick on any non-painted surface.   OR you can easily hang them nearby too.

ALL KINDS of USES FOR THESE Amazing little pods.

Hang in closet or pack in a trunk with clothing - use Cedarwood EO if woolen items
Shoes - gym or other shoes.

Suit case or travel bags
Automobiles - cars, trucks, van, campers
Garbage bins
Work or Home Desk
Bedrooms - use Bedtime Bliss or Sweet Dreams or Lavender
Christmas Tree - scent with Conifer, Pine Needle, Spruce or Fir Needle oils and Hang in the Tree



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