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Tea Light Diffusers

We have several different styles of tea light diffusers available.

The Ceramic  & Soapstone diffusers are easy to use by adding a Wax Tart to the bowl, light the candle, add your essential oils (just a few drops) once your wax has melted.

These Budget priced diffusers make excellent gifts for just about anyone and everyone.

Perfect for use as table decorations or for use in your 'special' room.

The flicker of the Tea light always adds a special feeling of warmth and comfort.

 To READ about all the Benefits of using an Oil and Tart Warmer diffuser See the article here

All Tea Light Diffusers

Although these diffusers can hold water, there is a chance for your diffuser to burn dry (and possibly break). So we suggest you use a wax tart to prevent such a tragedy.

We recommend using ONLY Soy & Bees WAX TARTS.

If you choose to use Water in any of these tealight heated diffusers the ceramic bowl is more likely to crack and leak. Therefore to prevent any breaks, cracks and leaks we suggest you only use Wax Tarts in these tea light heated diffusers.

We have both Scented tarts and unscented Tarts so you can add your own essential oils available.

Many of our Tea light diffusers have small "wells" that will only hold ONE (maybe two) of our Mini tarts.

Also there are some that are so large you may want to purchase EXTRA unscented bees wax/soy wax blend tart to use in your diffuser.

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