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Glass Electric Lighting Style Tart and Oil Warming Diffusers

These are Electric warmers made using Wooden or Aluminum frames or Crystal clear and colored GLASS.

They are very beautiful!   Once you own one (or more) you will trully appreciate their beauty and functionality.

All come with variable switches for bright full light to dimmed soft lighting.  Or they come with a convenient TOUCH base.

The Photos do not do them justice. These really are gorgeous lighting devices that also are essential oil diffusers.

You have to see them to see how beautiful they are.

We use a Night light style diffuser in our Bathroom. It is great to not only have a variable night light but also a wonderful way to diffuse our favorite essential oils in this room.

These Ambience lights and Glass lamp style diffusers make any living room and den (library) a comfortable room for quiet times.

They use a halogen bulb on a dimmer switch so you can control the amount of light and heat. Since you can control the amount of heat it is less likely to harm your precious essential oils.

It is recommended to use only Soy Wax based tarts that melt at low temps.  
Limited time offer when you purchase a Oil and Tart warmer get a sample size Unscented Soy Wax mini tart for Free!

These warmers use light bulbs to heat the wax.

Do not use water in the dishes.

And do not just place your precious essential oils in the dish as the essential oil would diffuse to quickly.

To READ about all the Benefits of using an Oil and Tart Warmer diffuser See the article here
All of these diffusers plug into wall outlet. Requires a 110-120 Volt Electrical outlet.
This is the type used in the USA and Canada

These are wonderful to use night and day. The versatility of this type of diffuser is limitless.

Great to use when you would like a little light and set the mood with a little scenting! All of these units either have a dimmer control or a 3 setting touch switch, so you can have as much or as little lighting as you desire and still have scenting!

These diffusers will fit almost all decors. And will definitely be a conversation piece too!

The Outlet Plug in - Night Light Style is great for the Kitchen, Bathroom or Hall way.
They take up less table top space and may be better for you to use in smaller rooms or in areas with limited counter top space.

We highly recommend you use an unscented bees wax/soy wax blend tart to use in your diffuser. You can choose your own essential oils to diffuse.

You simply let the wax melt and add several drops of your favorite essential oils or blends to the surface of the wax.

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