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Enter Our Contest

"Write a Review" Contest

GET a $50.00 value Gift basket if your name is drawn.


We are having a contest to have YOU - our Customers to write us reviews of products you have purchased from us.  

Simply write a review for a product you have purchased and LOVE and give it a rating.  Your Name will be put in for a drawing. 

Once we have 100 reviews a name will be drawn out of the 'hat'.    We will be giving away an assortment Basket filled with items when totaled will be valued at over $50.00. 

It will be any number of items that we sell or something else special.  It might even be one of the items you have written a review on!!!   

YOU CAN WRITE AS MANY REVIEWS as you Want - Each review that is approved will be put in the Drawing for the 100 in the hat!!   

So write one, write 20 to 50 or ??  - your chances will be greater when you write many.      

Each review has to be on a different product.  You cannot write more than one review for any given product.  (You can't write more than one review on say - Lavender - only one review would be accepted. You can write reviews on say Lavender, Peppermint or a diffuser etc.  Each one is a different product so each one can be entered for the drawing. )

We have over 1000 products that need reviews.   Each product can have up to 5 different reviews - different people.  

Be sure to send us your name & e-mail address and what products you reviewed, after you have written your Review(s).  

Some of you have the same names and I won't know which 'Jane Doe' you are if you don't tell us!   You don't need to use your full name on the form where it says "name" as long as you send us an e-mail to let us know it was 'you' that left the review. 

 IF YOU DO NOT USE YOUR FULL NAME ON THE REVIEW - YOU HAVE TO E-MAIL US YOUR NAME as we don't get any record other than 'someone submitted' a review.    We cannot enter you in the contest - with out your name and e-mail address!!!!
Last requirement - we need to see that you have purchased this product from us.  If not, your review will not be valid and your name won't be added to the drawing.

Requirements in a Nut Shell

1. Purchase one or more items from us.  This can be in the past or recently.  We just need to find you in our data base.

2. Use them

3. Come back to the product pages for items you purchased and Write the Reviews

4. If you don't use your full name in the Review YOU MUST send us an email (link below) with your name & address, & what products you reviewed or we cannot enter you in the contest.  

We can only enter you in the drawing if we know who you are and not get you confused with someone else. E-Mail 

Once we have a 100 reviews in the 'hat' we will draw a name and send you a Gift box filled with over $50.00 worth of products! 

Round 1 will end when we have 100 Reviews - Then we will begin Round 2

As you purchase products, once you have received & used them, be sure to come back and write the review so you can get entered in the drawings!   Simple as that! 

Product Reviews  - Help others to know that you like (or love) a product we offer.  

We no longer require you to Login or Create an account to leave a Product Review. 

Simply Visit one of the Products you purchase from us and leave a review. 
We greatly appreciate it!   AND someone else would love to hear what you think too!  

Page last updated  April 26, 2017