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Clary Sage

Clary Sage
Clary Sage
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Clary Sage Essential Oil
Salvia sclarea

Country of origin: USA
Part used: flower
Grown: Cultivated
Processed: Steam Distilled
Color: colorless to pale-yellowy green
Smell: sweet, nutty-herbaceous scent
Note: Middle to top note 
Shelf Life: up to 24 months

Blends with: juniper, geranium, lavender, sandalwood, cedarwood, frankincense, citrus oils

This colorless to pale yellow essential oil has a sweet herbaceous and nutty like scent.  Some even say it has a winelike scent.

Each essential oil has many, many properties and uses.
Most of them are too numerous to list here.

We suggest you use the Search Box located here to search for several suggestions on how this essential oil can be used.   You will be amazed at the many ways this oil may help you with your health and well-being.   

Calming Bath Blend

Clary sage - 3 drops
Lavender - 6 drops
1 teaspoon of a carrier oil.
Add to bath water and relax!


- Safe when properly diluted and used at 2% or less in non-sensitized individuals.
- Use in moderation as sensitivities have been reported with excess use when applied the skin or mucous membranes.

*Any essential oils - ingested in large amounts can be fatal *
*Keep out of reach of children*

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by linda green, 03/02/2017

I love this! I mixed with carrier oil and put in a roller bottle and apply to the bottom of my feet for hot flashes. So far it has reduce my hot flashes. I also diffuse with the bedtime bliss. This combination has helped me sleep better.

Reviewed by Alexandra, 02/26/2016

I love this clary sage oil! I currently have only a sampler, but I love to use it with lavender and EVOO for my skin. In just 24 hours, I've noticed a brighter more healthy complexion. I'd recommend this wonderful oil to anyone!

Reviewed by Becky, 01/29/2014

Right now I have a burner going with clary sage and peppermint (3/4 clary, 1/4 peppermint). It may not be synergistic. but it is a wonderful almost intoxicating aroma.