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Eucalyptus Blue Mallee

Eucalyptus Blue Mallee
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Eucalyptus Blue Mallee Essential Oil
Eucalyptus polybractea

County of Origin: Australia
Part used: Leaf, twig
Steam Distilled

Eucalyptus oils all have a camphorus based scent.  They are typically colorless to pale yellow in color.

Blue Mallee has a strongly pungent camphorus smell. 

All of them blend well with each other and also with Lavender, thyme, rosemary, sweet marjoram, pine and other evergreen oils like spruce and fir needle oils.   Blends well with lemon essential oils.

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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Nickie , 05/07/2015

I diffuse this oil when my allergies flare or when any of the family has a head cold. Helps to soothe breathing tremendously. I've added this to the bath with mineral salts, and it's wonderful for sore muscles.