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Eucalyptus radiata

Eucalyptus Radiata
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Eucalyptus radiata
(Eucalyptus radiata)

Country of origin: Australia
Part used: Leaf
Steam Distilled

Eucalyptus oils all have a camphorus based scent.  They are typically colorless to pale yellow in color.

Eucalyptus Radiata is the eucalyptus essential oil for use with children.  It is one of the mildest species. 

Blends well with other eucalyptus oils and also with Lavender, thyme, rosemary, sweet marjoram, pine and other evergreen oils like spruce and fir needle oils.   Blends well with lemon essential oils.

USEFUL FOR:  Especially helpful for Upper respiratory ailments (i.e. colds, flus, croup, laryngitis)  in children.   Many adults prefer this as it is less camphorous than Eucalyptus globulus.

May help relieve discomfort from muscular aches and joint pains, including headaches, rheumatism, arthritis,sprains etc.

Maybe helpful with insect bites, cuts, sores

Can be used for purifying air and eliminate bacteria, viruses and other germs when diffused or used in the cleaning bucket.

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