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EYE Pillow - LIME

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Aroma EYE Pillow LIME Design

Simply lay over the area you wish to comfort.  

Or you can keep in the refrigerator cooling relief of heads, eyes, etc.

We do not suggest you ever heat these if they will be used near the eyes as the release of essential oils may be too irritating. 

These Eye Pillows are approximately  3 1/4" by 8 1/2" in size, with a notched area for your nose!

Filled with a blend of Lavender Buds, Flax seed, rice and other natural organic material blended with 100% Pure Lavender Essential oil.

 All sewn in a 100% cotton or a Cotton Polyester fabric cover.

We suggest you purchase our Lavender Linen Spray to replenish the Lavender scenting as it diminishes.

Due to the nature of this ALL NATURAL PRODUCT and the fact that essential oils quickly diffuse into the air you will need to reapply Lavender essential oil or the Lavender Linen spray as needed. This products SCENTING will not last more than a few days if not properly stored when not in use. Essential oils are too volatile to last for extended periods of time.

Our product doesn't use any artificial scenting agents to 'lock' the essential oils into the fabric. Therefore the scent will  dissipate over time.    The scenting will dissipate more quickly if they are used in a heated state.

When not in use:  Please store your pillow in a tightly sealed glass jar or the bag it came in (wrap up) to help prolong the essential oil that is used.

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