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Fabric Case and 3 oils

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Fabric Case and 5mls each of Orange, Lavandin & Peppermint

NOTE: We only have a few of these to offer - don't procrastinate or you may miss out.

 Great way to get started on your "Take me with you" Oils when you travel!


 This deal gets you All these items.

Fabric Travel Case 

Made of durable, washable fabric, this case will keep  your precious oils safe while you are traveling.

The bottles are held securely in place with the use of an elastic stretch band.   The case then folds over and is fastened shut using a velcro closure.

It is 9 3/4" long.   When closed it is 3" high and 1" thick.    It opens up to 9 3/4". 

This Fabric case is designed to hold 4ml &  5 ml bottles of essential oils and synergy blends.
Although it is not designed to hold 10 ml bottles I was able to put a couple 10ml bottles and some 5 ml bottles in the elastic bands and still have ample fabric to close the case.

Please Note: This Fabric Case will not hold 1/2 ounce or 15 ml bottles.

Orange, Sweet Essential Oil
Citrus sinensis

Country of origin: Portugal
Part used: Peel      
Processed: Cold pressed
Color: yellow to orange
Smell: sweet, fruity citrus
Note: top note
Shelf Life: up to 12 - 18 months

Blends with: bay, black pepper, frankincense, ginger, jasmine, juniper, lavender, petitgrain and other citrus oils and most floral oils

This Sweet Orange has great potency, good color and higher aldehyde content than typical USA produced Orange essential oil.  You will love its sweet smell!

Sweet Orange just like many of the Citrus essential oils are very helpful in cleaning and refreshing the air.  Useful in the cleaning bucket too!  
It is just a wonderful essential oil for all purpose use. 

Lavandin, Grosso Essential Oil
Lavandula Hybrida

Country of origin: France
Part used: Flowering tops
Processed: Steam Distilled
Smell: high penetrating grassy-minty-camphoraceous floral odor
Note: Top note     
Shelf Life: up to 24 months

Blends with: most oils, especially citrus and florals, cedarwood, clove, pine, vetiver, patchouli and more

Lavandin is not the same as either of the above Lavenders.

Lavandin is a cross between two different species - Lavendula officinalis and Lavendula latifolia (Spike Lavender). It is a hybrid.

Although is has several of the properties of Lavendula angustifolia, it is not necessarily used for the same applications.

Lavandin is produced more for it's odor quality. Traditional uses list it as good for respiratory, circulatory or muscular conditions.

Peppermint, Super Essential Oil
Mentha piperita

Country of origin: USA
Part used: Leaf, flower
Processed: Steam Distilled
Color: colorless to light yellow
Smell: high penetrating grassy-minty-camphoraceous odor
Note: Top note     
Shelf Life: up to 24 months

Blends with: rosemary, lavender, marjoram, lemon, eucalyptus and other mints

This is a premium peppermint essential oil.    The smell is a most  'candy-like' peppermint oil.

Among professional aromatherapist and massage therapist, have commented to us that this Peppermint is the best they have ever used. 

We agree.  It is by far one of our most favorite essential oils. 

Not only best because of it's wonderful smell, but because we know that it has been more helpful when used in therapeutic applications than when folks have used other sourced peppermint oils. 

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