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Fan Fuser

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Fan Fuser Aromatherapy Diffuser

These are no longer available.  During the Pandemic - Covid 19  the manufacturer went out of business. 

We can no longer get these diffusers. 

We do have the Fan Fuser Replacement Cartridges until they go out of stock.

Please consider one of the following diffusers if looking for a Fan style diffuser

Tru Melange Fan Diffuser

Mini Scentifier Fan Diffuser

Spa Scenter Fan Diffuser - Sand

Aroma Pearl Fan Diffuser

Lattice Air Fan Diffuser


The Diffuser is 5" in diameter  by 6 1/4" high.    The color is your basic white to fit any decor.

Same size cartridge as before.  It comes with TWO cartridges!!

The Fan Fuser is a powerful, yet fairly quiet unit. It uses moving air to release the beneficial molecules of essential oils quietly, effectively and safely.

Simple to use, just twist the cartridge off from the bottom of the Fan Fuser. Apply several drops of oil to one or more of the "pie" sections of the cartridge. Replace cartridge into the bottom of the unit and turn on the low or high speed fan.

The amount of oil you use will depend on the size of the room and the effect you are trying to achieve. Again, we recommend starting with 15-20 drops of essential oils. You may need to add as much as 50 or 100 drops to a cartridge depending on the size of the room. Please start with smaller amounts and only add more as needed.

It's better to start by using smaller amounts of essential oils than to over saturate a room.

You can leave it on all night with confidence.

This is perfect for children's rooms. Remember with children to use only half the amount of essential oils that you would use for an adult.

This unit is purchased quite often by Nursing and Convalescent Care facilities.

Other businesses include motels, business offices, dental and medical offices, massage therapy and many more also purchase this wonderful diffuser!

This diffuser runs quietly with an Electric 2 speed fan. This Electric fan diffuser is perfect for the entire living room or larger bedroom.

Powerful - It is most efficient in rooms around 500 sq. feet. But has been known to permeate with ample scenting up to 1,000 sq. feet It can easily be used in much smaller rooms by adjusting the amount of essential oils used.

You can place several different essential oils on each cartridge.

Many of our customers mark each 'pie' section with a marker or small label and use the same section with a particular essential oil or blend. Saving the other sections for other essential oils.

The same cartridge can be used for a very long time this way.

Some customers prefer to use new cartridges for different oils and you may too. Don't forget to get an additional cartridge or two.

Plugs into wall outlet. Requires a 110-120 Volt Electrical outlet.
This is the type used in the USA and Canada

  As with any product that has an electric motor these units will not be noise free.  You will hear a fan and motor sound.   It should be a minimal "white noise' sound.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Dana , 09/16/2017

First, I really enjoyed the personalized note that Penny and Al wrote on my invoice receipt. They also included a note about who they were and what their company was all about. As icing on the cake, they included a welcome informational sheet with tips for uses, recipes, and storage for the various essential oils. Penny and Al represents exceptional customer service and show how much they value customers… which means a lot to me as it is very rare these days.

Second, the fan fuser is wonderful! The product arrived in a couple of days and was exactly as advertised… white with an extra filter included. The instructions for use were easy to follow… and this little puppy works!! I live in a two bedroom two bath apartment and after 10 minutes of use on high (one drop of oil on each outer section of the filter), I had to turn it down to low because it filled my entire apartment with the calming smell of peppermint and lavender. Changed my entire mood in minutes. I’d recommend this product!

Reviewed by Mindy , 06/08/2015

I literally own 7 different types of diffusers and this is my favorite! It puts out great amounts of the scent, fills my entire master bedroom! I plan on buying one for my father in law! Saving up!

Reviewed by carol b, 05/08/2014

I use this fan each & everyday in my family room. I fill it up with peppermint. It gives me energy & makes me happy. I have several fan diffusers that I have purchased from Penny & Al

Reviewed by Kristi D, 10/28/2013

I've used the Spa Scenter for about a year and enjoyed it - but needed a diffuser that disbursed more of the essential oils - safely, effectively, and affordably. The FanFuser is perfect for larger areas. I use the Spa Scenter in my bedroom and keep it on low throughout the night. I use the FanFuser in the living room - about a 25X20 area. I have it set on high speed and use a timer set on 15 minutes on/30 minutes off. I use the diffuser for therapeutic purposes and it is perfect. I am so happy that Penny and Al persisted in getting these back in stock. I am one very happy camper!

Reviewed by Joan , 08/27/2013

I own 3 of the fan fusers and use them in different areas of my home. It is relatively quiet, so it can run throughout the night without disturbing sleep. It is reasonable priced as compared to others on the market. The cartridges are easy to change and last a long time. The unit is easy to keep clean. Basically, it is a wonderful tool to use as a preventative, when illness strikes or just to put some uplifting scents in the air. My favorite blends are Four Robbers, Pure Cleansing and Respiratory. During the holidays Christmas Morning Blend or pine give the whole house a "feeling of Christmas". I liked the fan fuser so much, I purchased several as Christmas gifts. Highly recommend!

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