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Fiber Bits

Fiber Bits
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1 oz by weight approximately 2 oz (1/4 cup) by volume.
The unscented fiber bits come packaged in a zip lock bag.

Once scented the Organic Fiber bits can be used in any open dish and other Potpourri dishes. But these are especially wonderful to use in any electric tart warmer. (Do not use Fiber Bits in a Tea Light heated diffuser as the Tealight is too hot!)
Can be used instead of melted Soy Wax tarts. You can quickly and easily change the scenting desired since the Fiber Bits cool more quickly. 

Simply place 1 tablespoon or less of the scented bits into the bowl of the tart warmer. Then add equal amount of water.

You can add more water if you desire. Turn on the warmer and the scent will quickly permeate the room.

Don't forget to turn off the tart warmer after an hour or two.

Your Scented Fiber Bits can be used to refresh old tired potpourris that you have purchased and don't want to toss out.

And should the Fiber bits be accidentally spilled - cleanup is a snap with any vacuum cleaner. And you can have a fresh smelling vacuum cleaner as you clean the entire house!!

These Fiber Bits (and Aroma beads too) are great to place in any Glass or Ceramic Votive. The filled votive can be discreetly featured in any window ledge such as in the bathroom or other sunny room.

Scented Fiber Bits can easily be rescented. Return them to a glass Jar and add several drops of essential oils or synergy blend and tightly cover. Shake well and let sit for 24 hours. The Scented Fiber Bits are able to be reused as many times as you would like.

When you are finished with them, the spent scented Fiber bits can be tossed in your Compost bin and nature will quickly biodegrade them into your compost!

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