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How to Make a Floor Mopping Pad using Essential oils

Making your own Floor cleaning pads.

By Penny Keay

For years I used to use those ‘Swiffer®’ wet mopping pads.   But lately they have just gotten ‘too stinky’.  

Al and I don’t like their smell, but we do like the ease of use of this “quick mop up a mess on the floor” convenience tool. 

A few weeks back I started thinking of how I could replicate this using our natural based cleaning products and pure essential oils.

My experiment worked and I’m more than happy to share.   Now you too, can make these easy to use mopping cloths with a non-toxic, no rinse, quick-drying floor cleaning solution using those wonderful smelling essential oils!

First I found an empty Swiffer® * wet mop container.   You could use a plastic shoebox type bin or something similar provided it makes a fairly tight sealing cover or lid.  

Then I placed the ‘Swiffer®* DRY cloth pads’ in a single layer.  

In a 2 cup Pyrex (glass) measuring cup I put 2 teaspoons Polysorbate 20 emulsifier.

Then added about 2 ml (40 drops) of essential oil blend – I like citrus so I used our Citrus blend.   

I stirred this and then added 1 cup of the Unscented All Purpose Cleaner Base.  (Do not use the pre-scented All Purpose Spray Cleaners - as they are too strong a solution and needs to be diluted for use when scrubbing floors.  They won't have enough essential oils for proper scenting and cleaning floors. )

Again, stirring gently. 

Next I filled the cup to the 2 cup mark with water.   Stirred this and then poured this on top of the ‘dry’ Swiffer pads.

I let this soak for a few minutes so the pads were well saturated.   Then you simply use them just like those like Wet Mop Pads.   Attaching them to the mop head and using like the others.

See the Slide Show Video below for step by step instructions. 

There are other options for those of you that want to ‘recycle’ more.   I have old used wash cloths.  I put a few of those in the bin and wet them down too.   When I was done using them, I rinsed them out and then put them in the laundry so they can be laundered properly and ready the next time I make a ‘batch’ of mopping cloths.

NOTE:  There is usually more than enough solution to wet several cloths.   And keeping the lid sealed when not using them helps prevent evaporation of the solution too.  



Plastic Bin with a tight fitting lid

Old Washcloths or Swiffer® Dry sweep cloths

Glass mixing cups – 1 & 2 cup sizes

Measuring spoon  – 1 teaspoon size

Polysorbate 20 (emulsifier) – 2 teaspoons

All Purpose Spray Cleaner Base – 1 cup

Essential Oil of your choice – 2ml or about 40 drops.

Water - 1 cup - tap, distilled or filtered is fine to use.

Swiffer® Mop handle or other mop handle of your choice.


*Swiffer® is a registered product of the Proctor & Gamble Company 

For those of you more talented then me, and have more time to experiment you might be able to be more eco-friendly by sewing your own cloth pads or using washable microfiber cloths - I think there are many options available for washable cloths.  

Make a suggestion if you care to share and I'll add it below. 

For a Short 3 minute Slide showing how to proceed!

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