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Frankincense Sacra

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Frankincense Sacra Essential Oil

aka Sacred Frankincense
Boswellia sacra

Country of origin: Oman
Part used: Resin Tears
Hydro Distilled

Smell: fresh terpeney with a balsamic undertone
Color: colorless to pale yellow
Note: Base to Middle note
Shelf Life: up to 24 months

Blends with: geranium, lavender, sandalwood, pine, vetiver, orange and most citrus oils, cinnamon and other spice oils

Each essential oil has many, many properties and uses.
Most of them are too numerous to list here.

This is a rare essential oil and is often referred to as the "Sacred Frankincense."

It has a slightly different scent than the other species of Boswellia (freana, carterii).

Once you smell this it will soon become your most favored Frankincense variety.

Frankincense essential oil is a favorite during the Holidays. All frankincense varieties have many wonderful properties.  Excellent for meditation.

This Frankincense is beautiful & unique variety (species).   It has a lovely, sweet scent that s very nice.

Since Frankincense is considered a "Base note", it will help hold the lasting scents of other 'top note' essential oils when used in blending.

We suggest you use the Search Box located here to search for several suggestions on how this essential oil can be used.   You will be amazed at the many ways this oil may help you with your health and well-being.   


- Safe when properly diluted and used at 2% or less in non-sensitized individuals.
- Use in moderation as sensitivities have been reported with excess use when applied the skin or mucous membranes.

*Any essential oils - ingested in large amounts can be fatal *
*Keep out of reach of children





Myrrh − 4 drops
Sandalwood − 6 drops
Frankincense − 10 drops
Clove bud − 2 drops
Cistus − 2 drops
Clary Sage − 6 drops
Rose Otto − 2 drops

Blend oils in glass bottle, shake well.

Add 2−6 drops to you diffuser for use while meditating.

If you have a large room, you may need to use more oil in the diffuser.
The oils in this blend are very soothing and relaxing.

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