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How to get Free Shipping

How to get Free Shipping 

You have asked and we have been working on a way to offer Free Shipping for those folks that place smaller orders.  
We have worked out a way by offering a couple of different coupons.

All items are eligible for free shipping EXCEPT extremely heavy item.  

Many of our Clearance items that we used to charge a shipping fee now qualify - that is ONCE you reach or meet the Qualifications to be offered Free or discounted shipping.  See below for what you need to do to get free shipping. 

Here are a couple ways you can get  Free shipping - USA only
 (Sorry, Canadian orders not eligible)

Orders qualify for Free Shipping ONLY when placed ON LINE not by phone or e-mail

Shipping Method for Free shipping:
Please note for Free shipping we choose the method the order will be shipped.  

Below are listed  How to get Free Shipping.

1. Free Shipping without using a Coupon Code:

IF your order is over $99.99 – Our Shopping Cart will automatically give you Free Shipping.  
All items are eligible for free shipping EXCEPT extremely heavy items.  If there are ineligible items in your cart, you will have a shipping fee and won't qualify for free shipping.

Minimum Order $99.99 to get free shipping offered during checkout

When you reach the $99.99 you have reached the automatic Free Shipping threshold.  Now you can use a product coupon to get a product discount.  Remember your cart must have all eligible items to get free shipping.

NEXT STEP: You MUST CHOOSE during checkout the Shipping Method -
You will see
"Shipping  is - Free - Free" - choose that or you won't get the Free shipping.    

Minimum Purchase - $49.99

USE Coupon Code:  Freeship49

This coupon good ONLY to residents of the 50 contiguous states in the USA. 
Get Free shipping for free - Valued at $6.29 to OVER $20.00!

The Coupon code will OFFER you Free Shipping  WHEN you meet the minimum requirement.

YOU need to then CHOOSE Free Shipping during the Checkout Process to get Free Shipping



NOTE:  Only One Coupon can be used per order, choose wisely.  

To see complete details on how to use Coupons & Rules Click here 

 1 coupon allowed per order. Cannot be retro-actively applied. Not applicable to phone or email orders.

 2.  Coupon Options:

You may find that we have PRODUCT coupons that give you a better discount than Free Shipping.  You can also use any of our Product Coupons or other discounted coupons found on our Coupon Page or within e-mail notices sent to you.   You will have to decide what type of coupon is better for your situation, that will give you the nicest discount.

We reserve the right to change this program or coupon codes at anytime without notice.