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Fresh for You Heros Inhaler

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Heros Nasal Inhaler

Scented with Heros essential oil blend

A blend of:  Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Oregano, Thyme.

This Enhanced blend of essential oils of the Four Robbers blend is a super Hero in it's own right.

Who else do you want on your side when things get tough? - Well none other than the "HERO'S

The Hero's blend of essential oils include the some of same essential oils as are used in our Four Robbers blend. But it has been enhanced with a couple more premium oils that are also known to fight all those nasty germs we are exposed to daily.

Although this special blend will help protect you just as our Four Robbers blend does. BUT since we feel this blend will be able to do more for you than any other blend - we decided to call it "HERO'S" As who can better fight and always win in the end - You have it!! It's the Hero's!!

This formulation is based on the original oils/smells/scents as was used back during the plague years but a few more important essential oils have been added to help fight even more of the bad guys!

We use our very own 100% Pure Essential oils to scent this Inhaler.

Simply remove the cover and enjoy.

Depending on how often you are using the inhaler it should last between 2-3 weeks.  Sometimes longer.

These will be perfect for travel, in your pocket or purse, for gifts and much more.

We suggest you replace your inhaler (or add more essential oils) after 3 months.

HOW To Properly Use a Nasal inhaler:
To properly use a nasal inhaler scented with pure essential oils.
Remove the cover and follow the instructions below.  When finished replace the cover.


Air must flow around the end of the inhaler that has the opening.   If the air cannot move around the end,  then you cannot get the scent where it needs to go - into your nasal passages to work with your Limbic system or into your sinuses and down into your lungs where it can help the rest of your body as it transfers into your blood stream while you breathe. 

Our suggestion is to place the end of the inhaler about 1/4-1/2 inch from the end of your nose just above your upper lip.

Then inhale SLOWLY to the count of 5.   Hold for another count of 5 then exhale.

You should only need to do this about 3-4 times.    Then as needed every 2-3 hours.   You can use inhalers more often if needed, but usually you won't need to do so.

These are made FRESH for you!

Often times you want to 'try' an essential oil or synergy blend to see if it will work for you but don't want to spend a bunch of money on a bottle of oil to find you don't like it or it won't work for you.  

 The Nasal inhalers are scented 'JUST FOR YOU' at the time of purchase.

NOTE:  These are for you to Sample the essential oils and blends we offer without having to buy large quantities.  The essential oils in these inhalers will last 2- 3 weeks depending on the amount you are using them.  You will need to add more essential oils to have it last longer.

 These are made from a 'disposable nasal inhaler'.  BUT - YOU CAN ADD MORE  Essential oils to the inhaler as needed.    Just purchase the same essential oil or blend and some Fine-Thin Tipped pipettes.  Add more essential oils through the 'nasal inhaler's hole - opening.  Let it soak in a few minutes and the inhaler is ready to go for several more months! 

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