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Aphrodisiac Massage Blend

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Aphrodisiac Massage Blend


Cinnamon, Orange and Ylang ylang in Jojoba & Fractionated Coconut oil &/or MCT.

This is a 2.5% blend of essential oils in the carrier oils.

An exotic blend of Spicy and Floral essential oils to excite the senses.

Use with someone VERY special.

Remember to give each other a massage.

Great in the bath water too, but only use 1 - 2 teaspoons.

Can also be used as an enticing perfume dabbed on pulse points or add a little in your hair!

Do not apply to any mucous membranes or genital areas. 

More suggestions:  If you prefer this in a roller applicator - Please see our Roller Bottles Selections   Then, Simply purchase the massage blend and a roller bottle.   Pour into you own Roller Bottle.  Refill your roller bottle as needed.

Discontinue use if irritation should occur.


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