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SWEET Muscle Relief Blend

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SWEET Muscle Relief Blend


Lavender, Helichrysum, Ylang Ylang, Black Pepper, Nutmeg, Juniper Berry, Rosemary, German Chamomile, Sweet Marjoram, Ginger, Vanilla, Neroli and Rose in Jojoba and MCT.

This is a 3.3% essential oil blend in carrier oil.

A wonderful blend of essential oils known for their helpful properties including: analgesic, anti-inflammatory, nerve sedative, antispasmodic, anti-rheumatic, rubefacient (heating and circulation) warming, emotionally warming, anti anxiety, anti-stress, anti-multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue supportive. calming, euphoric, anti-depression, insomnia, relaxing, anti-depression, relieves tension and more.

More suggestions:  If you prefer this in a roller applicator - Please see our Roller Bottles Selections   Then, Simply purchase the massage blend and a roller bottle.   Pour into you own Roller Bottle.  Refill your roller bottle as needed. 

This is Second Formulation Blend that was tested by and used by folks with muscle involvement ailments such as: Fibromyalgia; Rheumatoid Arthritis; General Muscle Pain especially in the knees and neck; Muscle pain in shoulders, wrist, elbows; Chronic muscle injury due to auto accident 35 years ago; Adult onset Still's disease (Adult onset Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis); Neuropathy; CREST syndrome which includes scleroderma & lupus;


We had comments such as: Got relief very soon after application, almost immediately and it lasted for nearly 6 hours; Got relief within 30-45 minutes and lasted for 2-3 hours; felt relaxed; the smell was calming; I do like the smell; Got relief for 4 hours; Prefered the lotion; Got relief in the shoulder and neck from auto accident, but the back and hips are little more stubborn, so never got full relief (old injury); Felt the aroma was relaxing; had feelings of warmth; gave me a positive feeling

She has:
Fibromyalgia; Neuropathy; CREST syndrome which includes scleroderma & lupus;
"The speed of relief delivered by this massage oil is amazing. It is pleasantly scented, works quickly & effectively and the effect lasts for many hours."

She is a Massage Therapist and used it on several clients:
Clients with Rheumatoid arthritis; but one had nonspecific pain in upper arms. She said the clients got immediate and lasting relief. She Loved the smell!
" I have already recommened this product to several clients. Mostly those who have mild arthritis/joint problems. I elected to 'test' it on someone who had more severe ailments. I was confident in the product since I have always been happy with the products purchased from your company."

The "Testers" suggested we offer a Premix Massage oil, a Thicker lotion, a Cream and as a Synergy blend of the 100% Pure Essential oils to be used in their own carriers, lotions or in a bath (foot, hand or tub).

Will this blend work for you? We can't tell you if it will. Only you will know if you try it. That is why we offer small sizes. Our testers were each sent just a 2 oz sample of massage oil and 1 oz of lotion. They were able to tell right away. They continued to use it for several weeks.

If you are tired of smelling like Peppermint and Eucalyptus, the two most commonly used essential oil used in joint and muscle rubs you might want to try something that has been described as very pleasant, sweet at times, like licorice (one tester thought so), one thought it smelled chocolately, but most said it was a nice change from the mint and camphor smells.

WHAT'S the DIFFERENCE in the TWO Formulas? The 2 formulas differ in the amounts of essential oils used in the blending. Remember we list the most prevalent essential oil at the beginning with the least at the end. Formula ONE - Muscle Relief blend does not have Rose Otto in it. The Rose Otto is why the Formula Two blend is more expensive

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Lisa , 07/17/2013

I ordered the 2 oz size of SWEET Muscle Relief Blend and the Muscle Relief
Synergy 2ml to try for my pain. I have not been diagnosed but I have all the
symptoms of Fibromyalgia. I received it on Friday and boy I am happy I did.
I have slept without pain for the first time in years.

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