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Aromatherapy Gift Ideas between $10.00 and $25.00

Looking for  something to give to a Relative, Co-worker or friend? 

Here are some suggestions.

Lest you forget -

DON'T Forget to add a bottle of Essential oils or Synergy Blend!

These aren't all the items that might work for you, Please check the index listing to the left for more specific items you might think will work for you!

Amaranthine Massage Blend
Amaranthine Massage Blend

 Lasting beauty is what this blend is all about

$16.19 - $60.99
Back Rub Massage
Back Rub Massage Blend

Nice Back Massage Blend

$9.19 - $21.88
Calming Massage Oil
Calming Massage Oil

Have a nice massage with this oil.

$8.49 - $20.19
Dragonfly Night Light
Dragonfly Night Light

Night light and Aromatherapy Diffusing!

Was: $17.99
Now: $9.99
Foot Rub Oil
Foot Rub Oil

 Love your Feet!

$10.18 - $23.69
Green Space Plugin Diffuser
Green Space Plug-in diffuser

Simple Plug-in Diffuser with light & on/off switch

Car Scenter Diffuser
Special #2

Car Scenter, pads and Essential oils!

Square Plug-in diffuser
Square Plug-in diffuser

Simple Plug-in Diffuser

Soapstone Diffuser
Sun Soapstone Tealight Diffusers

Beautiful Carved Soapstone

The Sun!
ON SALE  OVER 20%  off our regular price

Was: $13.99
Now: $8.99
Super Back Rub Massage Blend
Super Back Rub Massage Blend

A more powerful blend.

$10.18 - $26.99
Take me Along case
Take me Along Case

Great to take a few oils with you.

Soapstone Diffuser
Twisted Leaf Soapstone Diffuser

Beautiful Carved Soapstone

Twisted Leaves - Cool

Was: $14.99
Now: $9.99
Vanilla Scented Massage & Skin Oil Blend
Vanilla Massage and Skin Oil

 Wonderful skin & massage oil with   just a hint of sweet vanilla!

$9.99 - $79.98
Lattice Air Fan Diffuser Light on
Lattice Air Fan Diffuser

NEW - Beautiful and Elegant

The Eucalyptus  Kit
The Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus Samplers

5ml each of our Eucalytpus essential Oils