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Gift Ideas between $25.00 and $50.00

Here are some suggestions for your aromatherapy enthusiast.

Lest you forget -

DON'T Forget to add a bottle of Essential oils or Synergy Blend!

These aren't all the items that might work for you, Please check the index listing to the left for more specific items you might think will work for you!


Aromatherapy Recipe Book
Aromatherapy Recipe Book Volume 1

Over 250 useful recipes

Aromatherapy Recipe Book  Volume 2
Aromatherapy Recipe Book Volume 2

Air Freshening, Cleaning, Insects & Holidays 

Volume 3
Aromatherapy Recipe Book Volume 3

Emotions, Stress, Depression and Mental Health 

Volume 4
Aromatherapy Recipe Book Volume 4

Skin & Hair care, Perfumery & Body Scenting

Volume 5
Aromatherapy Recipe Book Volume 5

Allergies & Respiratory Sleep & Energizing

Fan Fuser
Fan Fuser


Beginner Kit
The Beginner

In the Beginning

Beginner 2 Kit
The Beginner 2 Kit

A Little Larger Beginner Kit

Was: $62.77
Now: $56.49
The Lavenders
The Lavenders

Lavender Samplers

5ml each of our Lavender (Lavandula) essential Oils

This item is out of stock
The Needles Sampler
The Needles
Was: $34.37
Now: $29.99