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Gift Ideas under $10.00

For those little stocking stuffers or something to give to a co-worker or friend. 

Here are some suggestions.

Lest you forget -

DON'T Forget to add a bottle of Essential oils or Synergy Blend!

These aren't all the items that might work for you, Please check the index listing to the left for more specific items you might think will work for you!

Car Scenter Diffuser
Car Scenter diffuser

The Easiest Car Diffuser

Fresh for You Four Robbers Inhaler
Four Robbers Inhaler

Four Robbers Inhaler

This special blend will help protect you. 
Now it is convenient to carry with you ALL the time!

Fresh for You Calming Inhaler
Fresh for You Calming Inhaler

Calming Inhaler

This blend is formulated to help relieve nervous tension, relieve stress and more.

Fresh for You Lavender Inhaler
Fresh for You Lavender Inhaler

Lavender Inhaler

Lavender is the mother of essential oils!

Peaceful Inhaler
Fresh for You Peaceful Inhaler

Peaceful Inhaler

A wonderful blend to help promote relaxation.

Sealed Inhalers
Inhaler Sealed style

Sleek, stylish
Sealed Style
Several Colors to Choose!

Starting At $8.69
Deluxe Inhalers
Inhaler with Removable Bottle

Sleek, stylish

Starting At $9.99
Scentball diffuser
Scentball diffuser

The Easiest Plug-in
Scent maker
Order One or a dozen!