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Lavender Sachet Kit

SKU: LavenderSachetKit
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LAVENDER SACHET (Make it Yourself) KIT

Lavender Sachets are easy to make yourself with this kit.

This kit will make 8 nicely filled Muslin bags. Make them for quick gifts and for use all around the house, car and business.

KIT INCLUDES: Lavender buds, Fiber bits, Muslin bags, Lavender 100% Pure Essential oil & Instructions.

If after you have made your sachets you do not need them right away, store them in a small glass jar. If you are giving them for gifts store in a sealed ziplock bag.

You can Save a lot by making Lavender sachets yourself. Simply follow the instructions included with the kit. 

Watch our short "How To" Video to make these Lavender sachets

Use these to freshen or scent:

• Dresser drawers and desk drawers
• Tuck in your Pillowcase at home and while traveling
• Put in Suitcases, shoe boxes, storage boxes, stowed camping gear
• Automobiles - Cargo, Glove box and Trunk
• Clothes and Linen closets, Laundry rooms, any room.
• How about those shoes in your closets or in the entry way?
• How about the Kitchen drawers where you store your tea towels?
• Stuff in shoes & boots especially before storing away or in the entry way?
• Place over your eyes and rest!
• As a tension reliever - just roll around in your hand and enjoy the wonderful  lavender scent!
• Use them any place at home or work.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Heidi hataway, 12/30/2016

Great kit! Makes wonderful bags. I embellished the bags with simple embroidery and gave them as gifts.