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Mini Scentifier Fan Diffuser

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The MINI Scentifier Fan Diffuser with USB cable 

This is a very handy USB powered aromatherapy diffuser.  

They are approximately 3” in diameter and 5“ height.    The included USB cable is an ample 38” long.

It comes with 3 fiber based pads.

It is small and easy to use.  It is fun and unique when powered on, the top lighting will change colors.   It uses no water, no heat.  Just a small fan to circulate air through the pad with essential oils applied.

Simply open up the diffusers tray by twisting the bottom.    Place a pad on the tray.   Add 10-15 drops of your favorite essential oil or oils (adjust according to your needs, the essential oils used and the area you will be using)  and reassemble the diffuser. 

Turn on using the on - off button.  You will see a ' light' on the 'on/off' switch.  When the diffuser is on and running the cone top will cycle through various colors of the rainbow.

NOTE: All Fan Diffusers will make a noise due to the fact there is a motor and moving parts.   Some may make more of a fan noise than others, we have no control as to your level of tolerances.

This diffuser is most efficient in a room smaller or near 100 square feet or near your computer, desk or work area. 
As everyone knows diffusing essential oils in your environment will provide a wonderful healthy benefit of using aromatherapy.
Just apply a few drops of essential oil to the pad and simply plug in the USB cable to your computer or other USB adaptable device.  

This is handy when traveling at home or abroad simply use the  USB Cable to plug into a USB port on a computer or other electronic device.
It comes with three fiber pads. 
A pad can be used for many essential oil applications or may be replaced when you would like to use different oils or blends.  Simply place your used pad in a zip-lock bag and label it for future use.

A  fan diffuses your scenting using your choice of pure essential oil.

You will know it is on by the multi colored LED lights adorning the top of the coned unit indicating the power is on.

These little Aroma Therapy diffusers are great to use  at your desk, in your hotel room or beside your bed on your nightstand (if you are not bothered by lights).
Comes with an USB cable that plugs into your computer or other standard USB port or device.  

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