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Helichrysum 10%

Helichrysum plants
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Helichrysum Italicum 10% in Jojoba
Helichrysum Italicum 

Country of origin: Corsica
Part use: Flower
Steam Distilled - Organic
10% in Jojoba

This is our PURE Helichrysum that is diluted down in Jojoba. 

It is in a 10% dilution and is ready to use.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by linda g, 03/02/2017

I was surprised how well this worked on my head. I fell and hit the side of my head and I applied to the injured area and it immediately started feeling better. I used it 3 times a day for 2days and my head was feeling better by the third day.

Reviewed by Rocio O, 08/27/2016

Purchased this for hubby healing from hernia repair surgery. After a few weeks if taking prescription med he was willing to try anything to feel better. He was amazed at how well it worked. No more pain :)

Reviewed by Debbie , 10/06/2013

I really like this Helichrysum Immortelle Essential Oil. Even at 10% dilution the aroma is potent and clear. I would dilute it anyway, so this is perfect for me and economical too. I use it for pain and for nerves, including ear nerve damage. It is great for inflammation and for acne and other skin issues.

Reviewed by Patty S, 09/10/2013

I purchased helichrysum 10% a few weeks ago and had good reason to use it today. Hubby hit himself with a rebounding golf ball (don't ask how it happened) while practicing in our garage. The ball hit the inside of his right knee...oh, and he is on high dose blood thinners. Immediately he had a purple and red goose egg, and lots of pain. We iced it right away...elevated it, and kept at it for about an hour. He then ASKED me if I had put on it. So I got out my helichrysum 10% and applied it, hoping for the best. Several hours later he showed me the mark. I am in total shock and amazement! There is barely a red mark and no swelling at all! Under normal circumstances he would have a 4" by 6" huge, ugly discoloration and lots of swelling because of the blood thinners. I've been using EO's for about 6 months now, but even I was amazed by how quickly and effectively the helichrysum 10% reduced swelling and kept a horrible bruise from forming. As it is already diluted I simply applied right from the bottle, and also because of the dilution, very affordable. We are continuing to watch the area carefully because of the blood thinners and will contact his doctor if need be, but helichrysum 10% made my dh a believer today!

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