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Air Freshen Room Spray

Air Freshen Room Spray
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"Air Fresh" Room Freshener Sprays
(Pure Essential oils added)


Ingredients: Purified Water, Polysorbate-20, Disodium EDTA, DMDM Hydantoin, Air Freshen blend of essential oils.

This Product is Made in the USA

There is nothing like a fresh wave of Citrus endowed air to brighten a stale or slightly 'off' smelling room.

The wonderful light citrus scent along with the Lavender in this blend cleans and freshens the air without being over powering. It is not too 'fruity' nor 'floral'.

It works great to help eliminate cooking odors - like fish or something burned! Or how about the bottom of the Garbage bins??

And if you have dogs you can freshen their areas too. Just a light spritz and make sure it dries before you allow them to go back onto their 'beds'.

Do you have areas where there are - stinking socks, wet towels or the dirty laundry lingering smell, it will help deodorize in here too.

Many of you may have seen a product called "Fresh Wave" ®. It is made using essential oils too, to help deodorize. But personally it has the smell that takes me back nearly 30 years ago when I used a lot of Pine-Sol ® and LySol ® in the diaper pail. And it just reminds me too much of that "Diaper pail"! Yuck! (Oh dear - I'm dating myself! Yep, I raised my babies using "Cloth" Diapers. Parents now days may have no clue as to what a diaper pail smells like but I do and I prefer to not smell that scent any more!!)

So for me that is not a pleasant 'fresh wave' of air and so although it might be a very good product, we much prefer our "Air Fresh" Room Air Freshening Blend with it's bright Citrus Scent!

So if you are like me and really don't want to smell a 'pinesol - lysol' scent you might just want to give our Air Fresh Room Freshener a try.

This Air Fresh Recipe for this room freshening blend has been used for several years by Penny and Al. We have used this blend throughout our home when needed because we have dogs that in the past sometimes had 'accidents'.

Wonderful to spray your garbage bins that might have sat a little too long too!

NOTE: We do not suggest using this around Cats, and please use caution around birds. Cats are not able to metabolize essential oils very well and birds - well, I don't know how they might react.

The Base Product is scented by Birch Hill Happenings Aromatherapy, LLC using Pure Essential oils.

 Adding essential oils or fragrance oils to the Room Spray may make the finished product appear cloudy. This cloudy reaction is normal with some essential oils.

Caution: As with any product sprayed in the air or on clothing, should any reaction occur discontinue use.

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