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Talc Powder 16oz

Talc Powder 16 oz
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SKU: Talc 16oz
Maximum Quantity: 4


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Fine powder - unscented.

And as a 16 oz  Bulk Packaged Bag. 

INGREDIENT: Talc powder - Asbestos Free
(This Product is sold by weight.)

This Product is Made in Australia

(See note below about asbestos free)

Talc Powder has so many uses. 

Talc Powder can be mixed with dish soap or other cleaners as a very mild abrasive for cleaning and polishing.

The Electrical industry uses talc powder for many uses including but not limited to 'pulling wire' and other uses.   We know of uses by Firemen & Cowboys (to help them slip on their boots). 

We know Fishermen use it, also billiard players and the list goes on!

This is a fine white powder and feels so soft to the touch.

SPECIAL NOTE: All Talc sold in the USA since 1973 has (by law) been Asbestos Free. See the following page by the American Cancer Society for more details about using Talc Powder and your concerns about it causing cancer (less likely) but anything, including the plastic bottles (more likely) you drink from, can cause cancer. 
One other added note - Asbestos is considered a Hazardous material and is banned throughout the USA for use in buildings and other facilities and requires a specialized team to remove it from all public buildings.


This is from a fisherman from Montana.
This fine powder has many uses, not only for body care but we were told that it works great to help you slide your shoes inside of waders.

He said because it is unscented it won't detract the fish that are very sensitive to smells. He states perfumed powders just are not good to use while fishing.

I would imagine, anyone that needs to slip boots over other shoes, may find this a handy solution.

We have fire departments that use it for this very same reason.

Al uses it to put on his "Renaissance" boots as they fit very snug!

Another customer writes he uses it when playing billiards (pool). He says "pool players like the feel of the talc" and with it being unscented, they don't have to answer the question as to why they smell like 'baby powder'!!

The next customer is a hunter and writes he uses it to tell which way the wind is coming from. He simply 'puffs' a little out of the bottle and lets it drift into the air. Since it is unscented he knows he doesn't have to worry about adding an unnatural scent to the area he is hunting. As any Hunter knows you want to stay down wind of your game!

The Talc Powder we sell has not changed.  It is the same product we have sold for over 15 years. 

It can also be used for Household, industry & non personal care is unlimited.  See the list above of just some of the uses.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Casey M, 03/03/2018

This talc is amazing for tabla playing. No scent and really smooth. So glad I found this. 

Reviewed by Barbara , 11/02/2017

This talc was heaven sent for me. I have MCS cannot use or be around anything with fragrance and this talc is just what the doctor ordered. So smooth and silky I love it. Plus I really need it perfect !