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Hunters Blend

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Hunter's Oil Blend
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A 5% proprietary blend of essential oils in Fractionated Coconut oil - SOLD IN A SPRAY TOP BOTTLE for easy applications.

If you are a hunter,  you will quickly learn to love this blend!
This all natural blend has NO DEET!  It smells earthy, like nature heself. In fact it smells just like dirt.
It was created to provide a natural masking scent that is strong enough to hide the human bodies smell (and other odors too) so it will blend with Mother natures.
Yes it does smell like earthy dirt/leaves and originally we were going to call it "Just Like Dirt".
As an added benefit this blend also has natural pest control as it does use Catnip.  


This blend uses fractionated coconut oil as the carrier. It is ready to use on your clothing, boots and if it is warm outside you can use it on your skin too.   It is a 5% dilution of essential oils in the Fractionated Coconut oil.

This is a 5% blend of essential oils in the carrier oil blend

More suggestions:  This blend is not for use in an atomizing diffusers.   However, you can use it in other types of diffusers BUT then why would you be diffusing it in the woods while hunting?   Just wondering?    Oh, yeah, you want to use it in the cabin where your hunting clothing and gear is stored. I got it!

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Theresa z, 08/09/2017

Bought this for my sons who are hunters,they were so impressed I had to buy more.It actually smells like wet dirt. They couldn't believe it, and also hope you continue to carry it.

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