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Inhaler Sealed style

Current available in Black, Pewter, Silver, Burgundy
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Sealed Style Inhaler

These inhalers should last for years.

Providing you with the personal scents and oils needed by only you.

The Sealed Style Inhalers currently come in Several Beautiful colors.

One for anybody's style!!

Current available colors include: Black, Pewter, Burgundy and  Light Silver

To use the Deluxe Sealed Style inhaler, you simply add your favorite essential oils to the inhaler using the included pipette.   These inhalers - do not come apart - only the top cover is removable - you will add essential oils to the inhaler using the pipette through the holes in the top of the sealed base.

These units are about 3 1/2" long and about 3/4" in diameter.

These inhalers are made from an special type of aluminum. They are lined with an inert plastic liner to protect your precious essential oils.

You may want to order a couple extra inhalers for use with other essential oils or blends. Especially since you may not want to mix essential oils or blends together in your Sealed Style inhaler

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Zenovia , 03/23/2017

I've had this inhaler as purchased here at Birch Hill Happenings for many years now, at least 4-5 and I actually love it. It doesn't have the bottle inside of it that can be removed, but you can put your oil(s) in it and then put a piece of cotton ball on the inside of the cap and it can absorb any leakage. I love it. It use it to inhale oils (cardamon, nutmeg and eucalyptus) to prevent motion sickness. Initially I purchased this for a cruise, but then began using it on my flight trips too. it works perfectly!