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Personal Nasal Inhalers

From simple to elegant these very personal aromatherapy diffusers are perfect to use essential oils throughout your day.


Made Fresh for You Nasal Inhalers

Made "Fresh For You" Scented Inhalers

Yes, Really, We put the essential oils in these WHEN you order them.

These are made FRESH for you!


Deluxe Inhalers

Beautiful & Elegant
Deluxe Metal Inhalers

Disposable Inhalers

Plastic Disposable  Nasal Inhalers



New Design Deluxe Inhaler
Deluxe Inhaler with Removable Bottle

Beautiful Deluxe Inhalers

Starting At $9.99
Deluxe Inhalers
Inhaler with Removable Bottle

Sleek, stylish

Starting At $9.99
Sealed Inhalers
Inhaler Sealed style

Sleek, stylish
Sealed Style
Several Colors to Choose!

Starting At $8.69
Plastic Disposable Nasal Inhalers
Plastic Nasal Inhalers - 50 Bulk

50 in a Bulk pack.

Plastic Disposable Nasal Inhalers in 10 packs
Plastic Nasal Inhalers - White 10 pack

Inexpensive and disposable
10 in a pack.


Nasal Inhaler Replacement
Inhaler Wicks 20 pack

Replacement wicks for Your Nasal Inhalers

Nasal Inhaler Replacement Wicks 5 pack
Inhaler Wicks 5 pack

Replacement wicks for Your Nasal Inhalers


PLEASE NOTE: These products not returnable / non-refundable as we cannot guarantee purity for resale.   If you find that you can't use them, pass them along to someone that can.