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Handmade Polymer Aromatherapy Pendants
These are ONE OF A KIND Hand Made with Silver Accents

We are discontinuing this line of products as the artisan is no longer making this jewelry.  She is busy raising her family. 
Hurry and buy while we have good supplies.

No other piece of jewelry will be identical to these pieces.

Each one is very unique and Beautiful!

Each design comes with Sterling Silver Chain.     Length of a chain listed with each piece.
If the length of chain isn't correct for you, often times you have a 'chain' that you can use from previously purchased necklaces.

But If you need a different length chain, Sterling Silver chains are available for purchase.  


Do not procrastinate to purchase these pendants.

If you like a particular piece BUY it NOW as there is no way for our artisan to replicate any of her pieces.

Note: Because these items are one of kind and handmade, there is always a possibility of small imperfections.

The functionality of this product is not affected by small / slight imperfections (such as small cracks or little chips.)

These are possible during the drying process while these items are curing.  This is not considered damage, but merely an irregular imperfection in polyresin flower making.