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Hurry and buy while we have good supplies.

Enjoy the wonderful scents and let the kid in you out, while wearing this energizing jewelry.

These simple and very affordable personal diffusers are safe and effective.

Simply apply just ONE drop of your favorite essential oil or essential oil blend, let it absorb into the surface of your pendant.

It will diffuse all day long, wherever you go. Your own body heat helps to release the essential oil.

These Terra Cotta Pendants are very durable, are not fragile and are fun to wear!

These simple little diffusers can be given to anyone as gift and are an easy, fun way to introduce someone to aromatherapy in a wonderful way.

Of course, you don't need to add any essential oil to these. You can wear them as they are without any scenting too.

Capricorn Terra Cotta pendant
Capricorn Pendant

23 December-19 January

Aquarius Terra Cotta Pendant
Aquarius Pendant

20 January-19 February

Aries Terra Cotta Pendant
Aries Pendant

21 March-20 April

Taurus Terra Cotta pendant
Taurus Pendant

21 April-21 May

Gemini Terra Cotta Pendant
Gemini Pendant

22 May-22 June

Virgo Terra Cotta Pendant
Virgo Pendant

24 August-23 September

Scorpio Terra Cotta Pendant
Scorpio Pendant

24 October-22 November

Sagittarius Terra Cotta Pendant
Sagittarius Pendant

23 November-22 December


Affordable and effective diffusers!

These Terra Cotta Aromatherapy Pendants are not only jewelry but can be used for subtle applications of essential oils. The oils that can be useful during your busy schedule each day to make you feel better in many ways.

There are designs for all, Men, Women, Boys and Girls. Even designs suitable for any age group.
(Do not use on children under the age of 5 as with all Jewelry there are risks involved)  There are designs suitable for any age group.

Don't you think Grandma or Grandpa would be thrilled to get a simple, thoughtful gift from a grandchild.

A Special gift from one family member to the other. Or from one Co-worker to another.
Something when they wear it not only has health benefits but a reminder of the special scent that was given too.
These Personal jewelry Aromatherapy diffusers are durable, reusable and fun to wear.

We have several parents with ADHD, ADD and Autistic children that use these pendants for their school age children. It is a easy way for them to use essential oils to help with these concerns.

Boys and Teens don't feel they are being singled out as many kids are wearing necklaces, etc that are similar.

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