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> Kits and Sampler sets

Can't decide which oils to order?  
Let us help with a few Sampler kits!

These sampler kits include 100 Percent PURE Therapeutic Quality Essential oils.

All of our Sampler Kits are discounted from the prices you would pay if you place these individually in your shopping cart.

Do you or someone in your family have to be away from home?

We have just what you have been waiting for small Kits of Essential oils. 
Simply tuck them in your bag, an easy to pack and take along carrying case to travel with you where ever you go!

Need to buy a Gift for someone special?
Just add a diffuser to any of these kits and you'll have a wonderful gift for someone!
(Aren't you someone special? Why not treat yourself!!) 

Basic Kits

Basic Sampler Sets

Beginner to Advanced Kits


Synergy Blend Samplers

Synergy Blend Samplers

Special Twelve Special Twelve

Aromatherapy Enthusiasts Kits

For the Serious Aromatherapists 
and wannabees!

Beginner Kit
The Beginner

In the Beginning

Beginner 2 Kit
The Beginner 2 Kit

A Little Larger Beginner Kit

Basic Oils - 5ml Kit
Basic Oils Kit 5ml

You get Ten - 5 mL vials of
Essential oils and more!

Basic Oil Kit 10mL
Basic Oils Kit 10ml

You get Ten - 10 mL vials of
Essential oils and more!

Great for Families.

 View ProductIntermediate Kit #1 (Tweener1)
Intermediate Kit #1

If you want only oils (and a nice storage case),  and want more oils than are offered in
our Basic Oil Kit.

Special 12 Sampler Kit

Get 12 - 10ml Bottles of  our most popular
Essential oils & blends

The Lavenders
The Lavenders

Lavender Samplers

5ml each of our Lavender (Lavandula) essential Oils

Special #1
Special #1

Scentball, pads and
Essential oils!

Car Scenter Diffuser
Special #2

Car Scenter, pads and Essential oils!

Synergy Blends Kit 5ml
Synergy Blends Kit 5ml

Eight of our most popular essential oil Synergy Blends


Essential oils, Synergy blends & Carrier oils are not returnable nor refundable. 
Since these kits have these items, they are not returnable nor refundable.