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Linen Spray

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Linen Spray
(unscented - no scent added)

Simply add your favorite essential oils, shake well and spritz away. Spritz your Bedding, spritz your Dresser Drawers, Closets, your towels, feel free to even spritz the ROOM air!!

This Unscented Linen Spray makes it easy for you to scent the fabrics you use daily. Makes it easy to add a light scent to your towels, pillows and bedding.


The manufacturer recommends adding up to 1% essential oil per ounce of linen spray without the need of extra emulsifier.

If you blend this in a stronger dilution than recommended see the suggestion below for using essential oils with emulsifier.

Ingredients: Purified Water, Polysorbate-20, Disodium EDTA, DMDM Hydantoin, Benzophenone-4 

This Product is Made in the USA

Adding essential oils or fragrance oils to the Linen Spray may make the finished product appear cloudy. This cloudy reaction is normal with some essential oils.

Remember some ingredients will cause an inherent odor which may alter the smell of your finished product.
The inherent smell is very minimal in this product.

Caution: As with any product sprayed in the air or on clothing, should any reaction occur discontinue use.


To add essential oils to the Linen Spray the guidelines recommend adding no more than 12 drops per two ounces of product. If you would like to add more essential oils we suggest you mix your essential oils one to one with our Coconut emulsifier or other emulsifier and then add this to the Linen Spray.

 Be sure to add emulsifier to your essential oils before adding them to the Linen Spray. If you do not add the essential oils to some emulsifier your essential oils will just float on top and not mix in with the Linen spray.

Emulsifier should be mixed with the essential oils 1:1 (for every drop of essential oils use a drop of emulsifier).

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