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Made "Fresh for You" Scented Inhalers - These are the most popular requested. 

Yes, Really, We put the essential oils in these WHEN you order them.

We add the essential oils to the inhaler when we are packaging your order for ship out that day.

Fresh is better for you.
This way you know you are getting a fresh inhaler with fresh essential oils.  They are better since you know they haven't been sitting around.

Don't buy from some company or business that has had them 'hanging' around for 'who knows' how long.

These are made FRESH for you!

Often times you want to 'try' an essential oil or synergy blend to see if it will work for you but don't want to spend a bunch on a bottle of oil to find you don't like it or it won't work for you.  

These will be perfect for travel, in your pocket or purse, for gifts and much more.

The Nasal inhalers are scented 'JUST FOR YOU' at the time of purchase so you can sample our offerings.  

We want the essential oils and synergy blends to be very 'fresh' when we send them to you so ---- 

Unlike other companies that sell - pre-scented nasal inhalers, we are making them up 'fresh' when you order them.
(Just like we do with the Massage oils.)   

We keep costs down  by using minimal required labeling and simple packaging so these are affordable for every budget!

 These are made from a 'disposable nasal inhaler'.  BUT - YOU CAN ADD MORE  Essential oils to the inhaler as needed.    Just purchase the same essential oil or blend and some Fine-Thin Tipped pipettes.  Add more essential oils through the 'nasal inhaler's hole - opening.  Let it soak in a few minutes and the inhaler is ready to go for several more months! 

If you can't find an essential oil single note or a synergy blend you would like to try - Please let us know, it only takes a couple minutes to set it up and soon you will be able to order one!

Due to the nature of these products,  they are not returnable nor refundable.

View ProductFresh for You Anxiety Stop Inhaler
Anxiety Stop Inhaler

Anxiety Stop Inhaler

 Are you nervous, anxious or filled with panic?

Fresh for You Bedtime Bliss Inhaler
Bedtime Bliss Inhaler

Bedtime Bliss Inhaler

 Need help to gently drift off to sleep?

Fresh for You Four Robbers Inhaler
Four Robbers Inhaler

Four Robbers Inhaler

This special blend will help protect you. 
Now it is convenient to carry with you ALL the time!

Fresh for You Calming Inhaler
Fresh for You Calming Inhaler

Calming Inhaler

This blend is formulated to help relieve nervous tension, relieve stress and more.

Fresh for You Meditation Inhaler
Fresh for You Meditation Inhaler

Meditation Blend Inhaler

Be pleasantly surprised how this blend will work for you.

Fresh for You Mint Energy Inhaler
Fresh for You Mint Inhaler

Mint Energy Inhaler

You just can't seem to stay awake and your mental alertness has flown out the window - try a little Mint Energizing Blend.

Peaceful Inhaler
Fresh for You Peaceful Inhaler

Peaceful Inhaler

A wonderful blend to help promote relaxation.

Fresh for You Full of Life Inhaler
Full of Life Inhaler

It has beautiful essential oils to energize all of you and help you to notice all life around you. It will fill your life with meaning.

Fresh for You Happy Happy Inhaler
Happy Happy Inhaler

Happy! Happy!! Blend Inhaler

This blend truly is a wonderful and Joy full blend!

No more Grazing Inhaler
No More Grazing Inhaler

No More Grazing Inhaler

Help with ALL your Cravings.