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Natural Based Aromatic Fragrance Oils & Essential Oil Blends

Here you will find a selection of  fragrances that use natural ingredients and are produced to have high quality odor and longevity.   Yes fragrance oils will last many days longer than pure essential oils do.

We are carrying this line of Fragrance Oils for those of you that enjoy some scents that are just not  available in pure essential oils.    These are excellent fragrances for use in making Potpourris, Soaps, Candles, Tarts, Scented room & Linen sprays, Personal care products or even perfumes.

Please know these fragrances are compatible with all conventional soap-making processes according to the manufacturer.    (We are not soap makers, so we rely on the manufacturers knowledge.)  

We do know they can be used in our Melt & Pour Soap Bases.

These fragrances do not contain any DPG or toxic phthalates. 

These fragrances are not heavily diluted, so they may cost more than some cheaper fragrances on the market.  Their potency and strength will more than make up the slightly higher price as you will be able to use LESS to achieve the awesome fragrance you are desiring in your finished products.

Amber Musk
Amber Musk FO 1oz

Looking for the Animal Musk scent? 

- sweet, woody and more!

Buttery Vanilla Fragrance Oil
Buttery Vanilla FO 1oz

Rich Butter- Vanilla Scent - Oh! Yeah!

hChristmas Tree Fragrance Oil
Christmas Tree FO 1oz

Like a Fresh Tree

Lilac Fragrance Oil
Lilac Fragrance oil 1oz

Lovely blooming Scent of Fresh Lilacs

Pumpkin Harvest Fragrance oil 1oz
Pumpkin Harvest FO 1oz

It Smells Like it's Pumpkin time!

Spiced Oranges Fragrance oil 1oz
Spiced Oranges FO 1oz

Oranges, Cinnamon Cloves              OH MY!

Sunny Spices Fragrance oil 1oz
Sunny Spices FO 1oz

Sunny Days, add a little Spice to Life!

White Musk
White Musk FO 1oz

White Musk is here!


PLEASE NOTE:    By definition, the term FRAGRANCE (at least as it is used in industry) always implies the use of synthetic aromachemicals.  All Fragrance oils contain Synthetic ingredients even though they may contain natural ingredients.  

If you want a blend that is all natural the check out the Synergy Blends page.

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