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> Make it-Do it Yourself Kits & Supplies

Do it and Make it Yourself Supplies to create Essential oil products

We have ingredients to Make your own Sachets,Potpourri's and whereever your imagination takes you! 

And for those of you that like to Do it ALL yourself, we have the Organza and Muslin bags, Aromabeads and Organic fiber bits for you to scent with your own essential oils and blends.

Making these items yourself is very cost effective.   These all will make great last minute gifts for any occasion.


Potpourri Fixings

Make Potpourri's for yourself or as gifts,
10% off all Potpourri Fixings

Pumpkin Harvest Fragrance oil Fragrant Fixin's

Fragrant Fixins

Natural Based Aromatic Blends
10% off all Fragrant Fixins

Cellophane bag with 2 cups of botanicals
Cellophane Bags

Need Bags for your Potpourri?

Rose Buds and Petals
Rose Buds and Petals

Pretty Buds & Petals

Colored Aroma Beads
Aroma Beads
$1.99 - $16.99
Fiber Bits
Fiber Bits

Use to make Sachets or Potpourri's

$1.29 - $6.59
Dendritic Salt photo
Dendritic Salt

Fine Multi-faceted Salt Crystals

Lavender Buds
Lavender Buds

4 1/2 oz bag

hChristmas Tree Fragrance Oil
Christmas Tree FO 1oz

Like a Fresh Tree

Lilac Fragrance Oil
Lilac Fragrance oil 1oz

Lovely blooming Scent of Fresh Lilacs