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Lip Balm Base 8 oz

Lip Balm Base 8oz
Lip Balm Base 8oz
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SKU: Lip Balm Base 8oz
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Lip Balm Base 8 oz  - can be used for Perfumes too!

Ingredients:  Beeswax, Coconut oil, Cocoa Butter (deodorized), Jojoba & Castor Oil

This Lip Balm Base is easy to use.  Simply melt and cool to the desired temperature for the flavoring you wish to add.   Stir well and pour into your lip balm tubes or tins.    Let cool and your finished - once you put your labels on!

This Lip Balm Base can also be used for make Perfumes, Ointments and Salves.  It is just a nice semi-solid, easy to use base product. 

The 8 ounce jar will make approximated 45-50 of the .15 fl oz lip balm tubes (sold separately),  Or you can use to fill slide cover metal tins too!

You don't need to make that many at one time.   Simply measure out the amount of balm base for how many tubes of lip balm you wish to make.  

One fluid ounce will make about 6 tubes.  Melt more than you need- that's okay, just pour back into your stock jar.  Let it cool for the next use. 

Suggestions To flavor Lip Balms using Essential oils

For each tube of balm you will need 4-5 drops of pure essential oil

To make one ounce of flavored lip balm you would use about 25-30 drops total to add to one fluid ounce of lip balm to flavor it.

Suggested Essential oils:

Distilled Lime
Sweet Orange
Blood Orange

To melt the Lip Balm Base:  simply put desired amount in a microwave safe pyrex measuring cup.  Heat using 30 second intervals until melted.  Use a Thermometer to check temperature -  cool down to less than 130 degrees before adding essential oils to the base.  Stir well and pour into your tubes.  

Alternately - use the Bain Marie method of melting the balm.


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