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Spiced Oranges FO 1oz

Spiced Oranges Fragrance oil 1oz
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SKU: Potpourri-SpicedOranges1oz
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Spiced Oranges Fragrance Oil  - 1 fl. oz.

Spiced Oranges is a concentrated fragrance with excellent longevity.  (Longevity is a problem when using pure essential oil of orange since it dissapates so quickly).

Besides the Orange, you will smell a faint vanilla, along with cinnamon and cloves.

Some folks may even pick out the very subtle woody notes and a bit of softer floral scents.

This is a very price friendly fragrance. 

This is a blend of essential oils and natural aromatic extracts along with fragrance oil.

Uses: Can be used to scent any of the following items.
Potpourri, Melt & Pour Soaps, Cold & Hot Process soaps, Candles & wax tarts, Lotions, perfumes and personal care products, Room and Linen sprays and more.

DO NOT INGEST!  Not for use in flavoring.  This is a scenting product. 

Dilute for use on the skin such as when used in perfumes or personal care products.
Discontinue use and wash with warm soap water if used in personal care products that produce a rash or other irritation.

How much to use?  
The fragrance oils we sell are highly concentrated.   So how much to use will be a personal preference. 
Fragrance oils will last or linger longer than essential oils so you need to take this into consideration.   

For Potpourri - start with about 1/2 teaspoon of fragrance oil to 2 tablespoons of Fiber Bits or Aroma Beads or simply add to 2-4 cups of Potpourri botanical blend. 

When adding to personal care products or soaps, It is suggested you do a test first with a small batch.  Start by adding small amounts (just a few drops at a time)  as it is easier to add more than try to dilute it if you have added too much.  Write your amounts down.

Perfumes - no more than 1-2%.  This means when you make a 2oz bottle of Spray on Perfume - use about 20-24 drops of fragrance oil. 

Fragrance oils can change color over time.  It doesn't alter their scenting ability.   Just be aware of this if you use it in Soaps where you may be adding coloring as it may alter the look of your final product.   The color change might occur at any time.

This product is not tested on animals. Does not contain any DPG or toxic Phthalates.

If you do not want a product that uses synthetic ingredients (fragrance oil) then please check out our Synergistic Blends.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Doug C, 12/05/2016

What a find. I hadn't considered fragrant oils before for my body sprays. This one is a winner and stays with me all day. Might try it for a soap scent for my finicky in laws. Always appreciate the quality from BHH.