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"MADE FRESH FOR YOU"  Natural Perfumes Roll-ons

BACK by Popular demand are our NATURAL PERFUME Roll-ons  

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We make these Natural Perfumes Roll-ons

They are blended  "Fresh for You" when you place your order!

For More Details about each Scent Click on those that interest you.

See below for more General Information about Natural Perfume Roll ons!



To Use these Roll-ons and Natural Perfumes

Simply dab a small amount on your pulse points. Such as inside your wrists, inside your elbow, behind your ear, or in the “V” of your throat. Or you can put a small amount on your palm of your hand and rub into your hair.

Some Roll-ons may be better suited to the other areas.

These Roll-on's and Natural Perfumes do not last as long, nor are they as strong as other commercial products.

You will need to reapply them every few hours or as desired.

Remember the scenting should be enjoyed by you.
Only people that step inside your "inner circle" – a space about 3 feet around you should be able to smell your scenting. If it can be smelled beyond that, you are probably applying too much.

Enjoy the added benefits of using these Natural Products because they use 100% Pure Essential oils and Absolutes diluted in Golden Jojoba for application and use on the skin.

We Bottle these "Fresh" when you order! We do not bottle this items ahead of time. We want to assure you are getting the 'freshest' product available from our Stock!

If you would like other Roll-ons - Just Ask!
We are happy to make new ones using any of
our existing Essential oils and Synergy Blends -
so Ask and we'll get them made for you!

PLEASE NOTE: These products not returnable / non-refundable as we can not guarantee purity for resale.
They have been blended "Fresh for You" at the time you placed your order.
If you find that you can't use them, simply pass them along to someone that can.