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> Massage & More - Made "Fresh for You" Blends

Massage Blends made "FRESH FOR YOU" 

This wonderful selection of massage oils are made "Fresh for You" on the day we ship them out.

It will be rare to find another company willing to blend a massage oil fresh that is made "JUST for You. "

Unlike massage blends sitting on your local spa's shelf, these massage oils are mixed the day you place your order using the finest essential oils and carrier oils.

ANY OF THESE can be placed in a Roller Applicator Bottle. TO SEE our Roller bottle selections CLICK HERE

BACK by Popular demand are our "Made Fresh for You" Roll-ons See the Category links below to see all the blends in Roller bottles.
There are both Natural Perfumes and Other Roll-on Blends



Massage Roll-ons Massage Roll-ons


Roll-on's made
"Fresh for You"


Natural Perfumes Natural Perfumes

Natural Perfumes

Natural Perfume

Amaranthine Massage Blend
Amaranthine Massage Blend

 Lasting beauty is what this blend is all about

$18.86 - $70.69
Aphrodisiac Massage Blend
Aphrodisiac Massage Blend

Use with someone VERY special.

$10.97 - $22.52
Attentive Massage Blend
Attentive Massage Blend

Focusing,  Concentration

and Attention

$10.41 - $26.28
Back Rub Massage
Back Rub Massage Blend

Nice Back Massage Blend

$11.09 - $26.51
Be Alert Massage Oil
Be Alert! Massage Oil Blend

When alertness counts!

$10.31 - $20.75
Blue Muscle Mend Massage Blend
Blue Muscle Mend Massage Blend

Blue Healing Oils to the Rescue!

$20.63 - $58.82
Calming Massage Oil
Calming Massage Oil

Have a nice massage with this oil.

$10.87 - $24.08
Dar's Massage Oil
Dar's Massage Oil

Very sore, painful muscles and joints?

Give this blend a go!

$17.83 - $50.99
Fatigue Relief Massage Oil
Fatigue Relief Oil

Uplifting & Motivating

$9.53 - $23.39
Foot Rub Oil
Foot Rub Oil

 Love your Feet!

$12.75 - $28.18
Hair Tonic Scalp Massage Oil Blend
Hair Tonic Scalp Massage Oil Blend

Glowing Locks deserve this.

$10.74 - $24.98
Hunter's Oil Blend
Hunters Blend

If you are a Hunter - you might want to check this out!

$12.09 - $33.69
Joint Rub Massage Oil
Joint Rub Massage Oil

Try this, If you like to feel 'icy-hot' penetrating into your muscles and joints.

$9.53 - $22.19
Keep it Moving Massage Blend
Keep It Moving Massage

Keep yourself a moving! 

$9.76 - $14.42
Muscle Relaxing Blend
Muscle Relaxing Blend

Warming & Relaxing - ooooo!

$11.09 - $27.39
Muscle Relief 2oz
Muscle Relief Blend

Need help with a variety of muscle ailments?

Give this awesome blend a try.

$18.30 - $49.38
Muscle Rub Blend
Muscle Rub

Go away achy muscles! 

$9.98 - $21.17
Muscle Warm Massage Oil
Muscle Warm Massage Oil

When you need a deep warm up for some sore muscles.

$11.08 - $27.76
Painful Joint 2oz
Painful Joints Massage Blend

Overworked those muscles & Joint?

$8.42 - $18.86
Peppermint & Rosemary Blend
Peppermint and Rosemary Blend

Simply, Peppermint & Rosemary in MCT oil.

$7.65 - $19.97
Pins & Needles Massage Blend
Pins and Needles Massage Blend

Do you feel Pins & Needles in your feet?

$15.42 - $47.72
Restless Relief Massage Blend
Restless Relief Massage Blend

When you need to stop those legs from moving when you want to sleep!

$14.86 - $32.51
Scar Lightening Blend Oil
Scar Lightening Blend Oil

Help for the red line of a scar to lighten!

$44.39 - $77.69
Sensual Massage Oil Blend
Sensual Massage Blend

Start with a Romantic Massage.

$19.86 - $58.39
So Sore Back Rub Massage Blend
So Sore Back Rub Massage Blend

When your back is just a tad-bit sore.

$14.42 - $38.62
Sore Muscle Massage Blend
Sore Muscle Massage Blend

A light massage will make them feel so much better.

$9.97 - $22.19
Super Back Rub Massage Blend
Super Back Rub Massage Blend

A more powerful blend.

$12.75 - $32.18
Super Muscle Massage
Super Muscle Rub Oil Blend

Super Blend for Muscles that are giving you a 'pain in the neck' or back!

$12.75 - $32.18
Sweet Muscle Relief 2 oz
SWEET Muscle Relief Blend

The name says it all.

$18.30 - $29.51
Tummy Massage oil
Tummy Massage
$15.42 - $35.47
Unwind & Relax Blend
Unwind and Relax Massage Blend

Soft, Gentle and Relaxing so you can Unwind.

$14.97 - $45.68
Uplifting Massage Blend
Uplifting Massage Blend

Let's Lift your Spirits!

$10.19 - $24.36
Vanilla Scented Massage & Skin Oil Blend
Vanilla Massage and Skin Oil

 Wonderful skin & massage oil with   just a hint of sweet vanilla!

$12.09 - $94.25

PLEASE NOTE: These products not returnable / non-refundable as we can not guarantee purity for resale.
If you find that you can't use them, Simply pass them along to someone that can.


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