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Mio Fan Diffuser

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Mio Fan Diffuser

This is a great little portable diffuser. The Mio fan diffuser is a sleek, modern compact diffuser wonderful for use in small spaces.

Its main body is a white with 'grey-blue' for the self-standing closure and the fan - replacement pad cover.

Perfect to use near your desk while at work,  bed or when you are traveling.  Can be used in a bathroom, pantry or even in an automobile! 

The Mio fits easily in your purse or suitcase when you want to take it along.  

 It is small just fitting inside the size of an average palm.   Measuring approximately 3 1/2" in tall, when open it is approximately 2 3/4" wide and about 1" thick when closed.

The Mio uses 1 AAA batteries included. 

The fan will flow air past a scented pad located in the front of the diffuser.  When running you will hear a fan noise (white noise).

TO USE:  Simply remove the small grill in the front of the unit, put 2-5 drops of your favorite essential oil on the pad (5 included) and reassemble. 

The easy access on-off button is located on the front of the Mio.  Press to turn on or off. 

This diffuser uses the same replacement pads as the Scentball and Car Scenter - see below for a link to Scentball replacements pads.

These little diffusers are not silent.  You will hear the fan. In some units the small fan may make a slight ticking noise. This is normal.


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