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Blank Labels Purchase

Assorted Blank Labels for purchase
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SKU: Assorted Labels Purchase 24 labels
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Assorted Sizes of Blank Labels for Purchase

Packet of 2 dozen assorted sizes.

 As you may know we print our product labels here. 

Each roll of labels always end up with several labels that never get printed.

 You can use them to Label - your own blends or those you are giving away.

Simply write on them with any type of PEN.  I like to use fine tipped Sharpie pens but I have used - any type of pen on them.  If you use a gel or water based pen - put another piece of clear tape over the printing to keep it from 'bleeding' should it get wet.

Shown above is a sampling of what you might get.

Currently we use labels in the following sizes so your Purchased Packet of labels may include any of the following:

1"  X 2 " ;  1" X 2 3/4";  2" X 2";  3" X 2";  3" x 2 1/2";  3" X 4";  3" X 6";  2" X 4";  4" X 6" and possibly more sizes.

Please do not e-mail and request certain sizes.  We mainly use the smaller size labels  Those bolded in green.  So most of the packets of will include those sizes.

ALL have a STICKY Adhesive - These labels are made from various materials - some are plain paper, some polyester,  and their finish some are mat finish, some high gloss.   It just varies on what we have available. 

I use these blank labels all the time for marking Foods I Freeze with a made date, or food I keep in the frig - I date it with the 'toss out date'.

I use them to label little boxes of sewing and crafting supplies, I use them all over the place when I need a label.  

Problem is I have boxes of these labels and I'll never use them all so - We are giving them away OR you can purchase more if you want more.  

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