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ALS Hair Conditioner
ALS Conditioner
$2.99 - $27.99
Sunset Passions 10ml
Sunset Passions Blend

Warm & summery, light & exotic.

$8.59 - $79.89
Oral Care Oil
Oral Care Oil

Gum & Tooth brushing oil


Ravensara aromatica

$5.19 - $29.29
Amaranthine Massage Blend
Amaranthine Massage Blend

 Lasting beauty is what this blend is all about

$16.99 - $63.49
Storage box
Storage box

Wooden Storage Box

Synergy Blends Kit 5ml
Synergy Blends Kit 5ml

Eight of our most popular essential oil Synergy Blends

ALS Rich Creme
ALS Rich Body Creme

Rich Hand, Face and Body Creme
No Scenting added
Plant based formula 

$3.29 - $7.99
Hand and Body Lotion
Hand and Body Lotion

Your Basic Lotion  No Scenting added 
Paraben free

$4.29 - $34.99
Hazelnut 8 oz
Hazelnut Oil

Corylus americana

$4.29 - $11.49
Scratches and Booboo's
Scratches and Booboo's

Boo boo's can happen to anyone.

Comparable to "Melrose™"

$6.98 - $44.89
Neroli Inhaler
Fresh for You Neroli Inhaler

Neroli Inhaler

Neroli is known to help with anxiety and panic.

Hand and Body Cream
Hand and Body Cream

Basic Hand and Body Cream

$3.49 - $39.99
Lapel Dots Package
Aromatherapy Lapel Dots

The Lapel dots TM are a unique way to use essential oils and aromatherapy that is very personal.

Vanilla Scented Massage & Skin Oil Blend
Vanilla Massage and Skin Oil

 Wonderful skin & massage oil with   just a hint of sweet vanilla!

$10.89 - $84.98
Celebration  Blend
Celebration Blend

Let's Party!!

$6.99 - $42.79
Glass Beakers
Glass Beakers

Blending must haves!

$3.99 - $7.99

Citrus clementina

$5.39 - $28.29
Unscented Wax Tarts
Wax Tarts

Soy Wax & Bees Wax

Add your own scenting!

The Lavenders
The Lavenders

Lavender Samplers

5ml each of our Lavender (Lavandula) essential Oils

Health Sampler Kit
Health Sampler Kit 5mls

 These blends are helpful at times when you feel a little under the weather.

Soothing Synergy Blend
Soothing Blend

Ooooooh, So Soothing and Relaxing!

$6.89 - $46.99
S' Woods Blend
S' Woods Blend

Affordable Sandalwood Blend to use when you need Sandalwood in a recipe.

$9.89 - $113.99
Blue Muscle Mend Massage Blend
Blue Muscle Mend Massage Blend

Blue Healing Oils to the Rescue!

$18.59 - $52.99
Super Muscle Massage
Super Muscle Rub Oil Blend

Super Blend for Muscles that are giving you a 'pain in the neck' or back!

$11.49 - $28.99
Purple DiscTop
Purple PET Bottles



$0.99 - $3.39
Dragonfly Terra Cotta Pendant
Dragonfly Pendant

Clearance - Closeout

Was: $9.99
Now: $6.99
Clear Jars
Clear Jars

PET Plastic jars
When you want to 'see' what's inside.

$2.68 - $3.29
Relaxing Blend
Relaxing Blend

Ooooooh, Relaxation!

$6.88 - $46.89
Sunflower Aroma Chamber
Sunflower Aroma Chamber

Clearance - Closeout

Was: $34.99
Now: $23.59
Be Alert Massage Oil
Be Alert! Massage Oil Blend

When alertness counts!

$9.29 - $18.69
The Eucalyptus  Kit
The Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus Samplers

5ml each of our Eucalytpus essential Oils

Painful Joint 2oz
Painful Joints Massage Blend

Overworked those muscles & Joint?

$7.59 - $16.99
The Cleaner Inhaler
Fresh for You Cleaner Inhaler

The Cleaner Inhaler

 Great blend of essential oils to help with any kind of germ.

Deluxe Inhalers
Inhaler with Removable Bottle

Sleek, stylish

Tamanu oil
Tamanu oil

Calophyllum Inophyllum

This item is out of stock
Geranium Rose Essential Oil
Geranium Rose

Pelargonium roseum 

$9.39 - $99.99
Special 12 Sampler Kit

Get 12 - 10ml Bottles of  our most popular
Essential oils & blends

2 oz Cobalt Glass bottles
Cobalt Blue Glass Bottles

1 oz & 2 oz  Sizes
You Choose your Cap style

$2.69 - $3.99
Thyme Vulgaris
Thyme CT Linalool

Thymus vulgaris  

$5.49 - $37.28

Medium Chain Triglycerides

$2.79 - $25.99

(Pelargonium graveolens)

$7.59 - $75.99
Fan Fuser
Fan Fuser


Relaxing Sampler Kit
Relaxing Sampler Kit 5ml

Ahhhh! A Sampler kit  to help you wind down after a hectic day.

Celebration Scented Wax Tart
Celebration Wax Tarts

CLOSE OUT - Clearance

Was: $4.69
Now: $2.35
Butterfly Terra Cotta Pendant
Butterfly Pendant

Clearance - Closeout

Was: $9.99
Now: $6.99