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New Year Goals

The NEW YEAR is here – Time to set up your Goals! 

By Penny Keay

Make learning about Essential oils a Priority!

Every January 1st folks talk about making a New Years’ Resolution.  Well, to me that just sets you up for failure.  Most folks stick to their ‘resolution’ for – well – maybe – a few weeks at best.

Instead of setting a Resolution why not do one better and set your Goals.  

Goals are easier to achieve and you have a better chance of accomplishment.

Coffee & List Setting goals gives you Positive outlook for the year, while a resolution that fails will be a negative.  We have enough negative in our lives, let us not add more.

This year maybe one of your Goals could be to learn more about Aromatherapy.  And in particular, a great goal would be to learn more about specific essential oils.  

Now first thing to do is you’ll want to get a couple good books on Aromatherapy.  Especially helpful are ones that have listings of essential oils and also ailments.

When this type of referencing is available it helps you to figure out which essential oils may be the best for the ‘ailment’ or emotion you are dealing with.  The ailment may list other possible essential oils that may work for that condition. These may be oils you have available in your kit or already on hand.

Here is a list of a few suggested books and decoders. You may want to purchase books (or borrow from the library) a few of them.  If you buy the reference books then you can always write notes in the margins as personal results are confirmed.    If you borrow a book from the library you’ll want to get a notebook or use recipe cards to start your own reference journal.

The books we have written will help you if you are just beginning Aromatherapy Basics is a beginners book.   And Aromatherapy Recipes using Pure Essential oils Volume 1 is filled with easy to blend recipes for personal scenting, various emotional and health concerns.

For those more serious you may want to consider Penny's Workbook Practical Use of Essential oils for Everyday Living Book
This workbook will cover 18 essential oils and how easy it is to begin to learn about each one.

One suggestion for those just beginning are our easy to use Aromatherapy Decoders. These little ‘wheels’ are filled with coded icons that represent different properties for a large number of essential oils.  Yet some of the other ‘decoders’ available have ailments and suggested essential oils.

Another type of handy helper is Wall Charts.  Again we have several of those too.

Al’s favorite book he always tells folks just starting out is Aromatherapy for Dummies by Kathi Keville.  This is a great introductory book and has a lot of very good information.  Although it was written several years ago, this book is very useful as you start your new goal.

The next book is The Encyclopedia of Aromatherapy by Chrissie Wildwood.  This book was written in the mid 1990’s but she has very good information and a great section on the use of essential oils in Perfumery. 

For those more serious and that need to know more about many ailments and conditions then you might want to get two books by Valerie Ann Worwood – The Complete Book of Essential oils & Aromatherapy (This book has recently been updated -2016- and has up to date information) and The Fragrant Mind.    The Fragrant Mind is filled with a large variety of emotional and mental conditions and suggested essential oils, includes several recipes too.  

All of the above reference materials are very helpful to those using essential oils for their health and well-being. All have recipes and suggestions.  They have good safety information and more.

We started out with a handful of books and our reference library has well over 175 books and trade journals we have accumulated over the past 20 + years.

As Aromatherapists, we also have several books that are just for those practicing aromatherapy in the medical and therapeutic modalities.  Some of these books are very technical in nature and are not for the beginners.

As you continue to set your goals for the year,  no matter what they are, let essential oils and aromatherapy make the results be positive – smell (diffuse) your favorite essential oils.

Please see our Book Review page for reviews on a few of the books we have in our reference library.

We are happy that we are listed as Resources in a few of the books listed on our Book Review page.

Of course the Decoders, Wall Charts (and Mini Charts) are available on our site.  Decoder kits are a great way to begin your journey into the wonderful and fragrant world of Essential oils!

One other way to learn about essential oils and aromatherapy is to use our Information website  

It is filled with over 1000 pages of information of using a large variety of essential oils for many, many ailments and conditions. There is a Search box available on many of the pages to help you ‘find’ the articles written about your inquiry.

See our past Newsletters, our Health and Beauty Index, our Tips Index, Recipe Files and more. 

And last but not least, continue to get our e-mail notices for the Newsletter, the Tips, Recipes and more.   And when you get really stumped, send us an e-mail to

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Let your learning begin now!

To get you started see our list of Basic Kits for Beginners, Sampler kits and if you are really serious - our Aromatherapist Dream Kit!

The following Online Course is offered by Penny on a different website.  You purchase the Online course separately through her.

Click the link below to learn about and purchase the Online Course

Practical Use Online Course


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